Sunday, September 21, 2014

Oliver's First Birthday!

My great nephew was born September 19, 2013, and we celebrated his ONE-YEAR-OLD Birthday yesterday with a grand party with family and friends. Oliver received a lot of nice presents to play with, clothes and birthday cards w/money. The theme was football of course! Here are some pictures I took of the joyful and memorable occasion!

Oliver's football cake.

Oliver's very own Birthday cake.  OLG stands for Oliver Griffing Love.

His name on back of his football jersey!

My picture taken with my great nephew, Oliver!

Oliver patiently waiting to open up his presents.

Mom, Cassie Jo, all excited for Oliver and getting ready to open up his presents.

Oliver checking out his new wheels.

As you can see...he literally dug in!

All cleaned up and ready to take a ride in his new car.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Famous Flipping Deer

Phil Robertson is known for his Duck Commander duck calls and videos but he is also an avid deer hunter and a pretty darn good shot from what I see in this video clip! This is known as the “most famous event in Duck Commander history” and comes from the Duck Commander “Duckmen 4: Straight Powder” video. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy 17th Birthday Lucy!

My granddaughter, Lucy Kelly, is 17 years old today!  This picture of her was taken in July 2012 while we were on vacation in Virginia.  I'm not sure where all the time has gone because it seems like only yesterday she was just a little girl.  Wishing you many more Happy Birthday's to come, Lucy!  I love you so much! Gran Gran 
PS:  Lucy got a new puppy for her birthday and she named it, Wally!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Giving Thanks!

Last hunting season I wrote about Shelby's first deer and here she is giving thanks. 

Her mother, my Facebook friend, Suzy Conyers, said that she wants to hunt again and to bring on youth season! 

I'm wishing Shelby GOODHUNTING and I know she will once again be respectful in giving thanks in our great wild outdoors.    

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another Hog For Kareen

My Facebook friend got another hog and here is her story:
Last night - Was sitting out by 8:34 p.m. It was kind of misting and barely sprinkling and a little chilly and nothing was coming in but then the javelin's finally showed up after 10:00 p.m. As you all know I like this because they will alert me to anything else coming in and they will only run off if the feral hogs are coming. They finally did run off after 11:00 p.m. and I could hear the hogs walking and grunting and they finally came under the green light but they were very skittish and I could not get a good shot on them and they finally spooked and ran off. I thought to myself, you dummy, you should have taken a shot and if they come back do take a shot. I didn't think they would come back but I could still hear them and a short time later three hogs showed up and I shot one and I am pretty sure I got him or her because I could see the way it gathered itself up after I shot it. Of course, it ran towards the creek so will have to wait until the morning to see if I really hit anything. So happy though because at least I got to see some hogs! 

Today - Roy (husband) went out this morning while I was still in bed & came back & said the dogs were barking at something across the creek & he had found a blood trail. We both went out & he & the dogs crossed the creek & the dogs started barking because they found the sow & she was still alive under a tree. Roy shot twice with his pistol. I started over there & for you folks who think it is easy to navigate this terrain just have no idea how rough it is. Roy followed the blood trail & I finally saw her & was close enough to see & hear her gnashing her teeth. Shot her a couple of times & she still stumbled off across the hill. Finally got a kill shot on her & then discovered she was missing a front leg. We got a good workout too. The pictures are showing how far up we were. What an adventure!

Foot shot off.

Looking straight down towards where the hog was. Terrain is very steep, rocky and hard to walk or stand to get a shot.  She said once they started shooting their dogs left....hog dogs they are not!   

Shot from the feeder.

Hog was to the left.  

My congrats to Kareen in our great wild outdoors in Alpine, Texas!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hunt, Pluck & Gut A Dove

Published on Oct 1, 2013
Go beyond breasting out your doves! This video shows how to pluck and gut them, and includes resources for how to cook them. Shop for products I use at

(Click here)

Opening day of dove season is one of the most anticipated and popular hunting days of the year for many Mississippians.  Dove season brings the first hunting opportunity of the fall as the long and hot Mississippi summer comes to a close.  Dove hunting in the southeast has a long tradition of being a very social event and is a time for fellowship with friends and family outdoors.  The opening day of dove season is a day not to be missed for many Mississippi hunters.  However, a common complaint of many hunters is that they simply do not have a place to hunt.  Wing shooters around the state should take a moment to check out the variety of public dove hunting opportunities provided by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks.  Information on these opportunities can be found using the links below listed under "Dove Hunting Opportunities".

2014-15 Dove Season Dates
North Dove Zone
(Areas north of US Hwy 84 plus areas south of US Hwy 84 and west of MS Hwy 35)
  • September 1 - 21
  • October 4 - November 9
  • December 15 - January 15
South Dove Zone
(Areas south of US Hwy 84 and east of MS Hwy 35)
  • September 13 - 21
  • October 4 - November 9
  • December 3 - January 15

*** Shooting Hours Notice ***
Shooting hours for opening day in both zones begins at 30 minutes prior to sunrise on private lands.

Dove Hunting Opportunities
 Additional Resources
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