Thursday, April 17, 2014

Azaleas Plus A Bee

The rains have just about beat all the blooming azalea bushes down.  A lot of blooms are on the ground and it makes for a very pretty pink carpet!  Most of the red azaleas have died out but a few are still blooming. Of course, the bees are buzzing and the butterflies are enjoying what is left of the flowers on the bushes in the woods.  The dogwood flowers are almost gone and left a white carpet as well.  The trees all have new leaves and the forest is ready for the months ahead.  I can't take a picture of the trains passing by the house now with all the foliage on the trees but glad I was able to get a couple before nature took over.  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Long Live The American Queen

It is so awesome to have the American Queen come to visit our historical City of Vicksburg. She is truly a site to see.  The building was the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad but now is The Old Depot Museum!   

A close-up of the American Queen bus.  Usually you see 3 or 4 busing tourist around historical sites.  

Below is Catfish Row Children's Art Park for the young to play.   

I was able to get a big shot of the Queen.

Close-up of her smoke stacks.

What the tourist see when they embark the Queen.  

Tourist looking at our riverfront murals floodwall.

This crow was making a lot of noise! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Little Miss Piggy

My sister Laura and her husband Chris just got this cute little Boston Terrier recently and they are calling her, Miss Piggy! She has a very short curly tail is why.  She is a sweet little dog but has some lungs on her at night. I found out that she likes her belly rubbed a lot.  Will enjoy watching her grow up and be a big girl!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Black Butterfly

Picture taken over the weekend of a black butterfly flying around the azaleas bushes!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

M/V Carl Cannon Passing Vicksburg

At the Louisiana Circle this afternoon and saw the M/V Carl Cannon making it's way towards the bend in the Mississippi River at Vicksburg.  

Zoomed in and could see the leaves on the tree budding out while M/V Carl Cannon heads north!

M/V Carl Cannon profiled in the trees!

Finally got an opened view of the towboat M/V Carl Cannon!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

One-Year Old Today!

My precious granddaughter, Kate, is the big ONE-YEAR OLD today!  I wish I could be with her on her very first birthday in Virginia but wanted to let her know I will be thinking of her all day and wishing her many more Happy Birthday's to come!  I love you very much Kate!  Many kisses and hugs!  Gran Gran

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

In Memory of Hershel B. Howell

October 4, 1926 ~
April 7, 2014
I received the saddest news yesterday of my hunting friend/mentor Rex Howell's Dad, Hershel Howell, who had passed away.  I was introduced to him back in May 2007 when my husband and I were invited to come to their camp called the Christmas Place Plantation and Hunting Club by Rex.  You could not have met such a wonderful and close-nit family and his Dad was often called the "Chief!"  He was a retired Realtor and a good and kind-heated man and a great Father to his four sons, Trent, Paul, Rex, Jamie and his daughter, Holly.  He was always happy to see us and we enjoyed his company. He was a big hunter and fisherman and played golf as well.  Before the evening meals he would asked if anyone had anything to say or just talk about our successful hunts and afterwards would lead us all in pray before we ate.  Hershel was also the author of three published books, LIM, Jeff's God and True Tales From The Council Fire.  It want be the same at the hunting camp without the "Chief" and he will sadly be missed by all his family and friends.  May He Rest In Peace!    

 Pictures of Hershel that I took while we dove hunted together with his dog Trigger.

Taking a walk around the camp on a pretty sunny day with his faithful dog Trigger!

So long Hershel and Trigger until we all meet again!

Monday, April 07, 2014

UFO/Deer Caught on Trail Cam

This was in the news over the weekend of a UFO caught on a trail cam here in Mississippi.  Looks like the deer was just as concerned.  What are your thoughts on what it could have been?

A mysterious object caught floating in the air on several trail cameras has a Mississippi couple puzzled. 

According to WLOX, Edith and Rainer Shattles say the object was caught on their infrared trail camera in the night sky Feb. 16 in Jackson County, Mississippi. 

The video begins as a deer steps into a clearing and after a few minutes a light can be seen emerging. The deer are then bathed in light from twin lights. 

The objects seem to be headlights from a vehicle but they are clearly hovering in the air. The couple says no paved road goes through the woods where the camera was placed. 

Since the camera is infrared it takes video without the use of lights. The couple isn't quite sure what to think about the UFO but they believe the UFO may be a government drone.

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