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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Rex Howell (Deer Camp Blog) Passes Away Today

Just got word that my hunting friend, Rex Howell (Deer Camp Blog) passed away this evening around 3:30. It just breaks my heart and will miss him terribly. Prayers for the Howell Family and friends. It is a sad day. This picture was taken in January 2020 with his best friend Mark, brother Paul, myself, and Rex. He was 62 years old. Our last picture together at the famous Christmas Place Plantation and Hunting Club near Eden, MS.

Rest In Peace, my hunting friend...I will miss you terribly.

To be continued...

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Natchez Trip For Covid Shot & Out To Eat

On Tuesday, January 26, I traveled to Natchez, MS to get my Covid shot with three other friends.  The process was very well organized and got the shot in my right arm by an Army Soldier.  I go back in two weeks for the second dose.  Here are some pictures I took while on my trip. 

We got a sticky Covid label to say we got the shot.

Afterward, we stopped at a memorial site to check out how to get to a restaurant that was recommended to us.  Looking at the bridges and the Mississippi River in Natchez, MS. 

I turned around and took this picture of the memorial.

Jane, Shirley, and Steve.

U. S. Flag in the center. (Did not get the name of the memorial)

Steve took this picture of us ladies.

While waiting for the restaurant to open, I saw this old fire lookout tower through the trees and took a picture of it.  I have been up in one of these years ago.  In fact, Jane used to work with the U. S. Forestry Service and had to climb up in them regularly.  

I highly recommend this restaurant if you are in the area.  It was very rustic inside with two bars.  We all had the catfish platter, and it was delicious.  

I love the planter in the front yard of the restaurant.  

A picture of the Roux 61 sign!  It was like a mini-vacation for all of us to get out and enjoy the drive and going out to eat.  In two weeks we are looking forward to eating out at Natchez Under-The-Hill near the Mississippi River.  

Monday, January 25, 2021

Blake "The Deer Slayer" Par Excellence

Chad and Ashley Stone of Noxapater, MS, took their son, Blake to Selma, Alabama on a live hunt with Mr. Jackie Bushman of Buckmasters for a few days. The family said it was nice to be headed somewhere that isn’t hospital or doctor related.

Blake was so excited and counted down the days all week. It was originally going to be a big event with several kids but because of Covid, they had to make some adjustments.

Blake is shown with his very nice 170 lb., 17" buck. The spread scored 130. It's the biggest one killed out of all the hunts this year, they said.

Blake is shown here with Mr. Jackie Bushman of Buckmasters!

My congratulations to Blake on a job well done in our great wild Mississippi outdoors! Awesomeness!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Happy "55th" Birthday, Kathy!

Wishing my daughter, Kathy Boyd Day a very Happy "55" Birthday today. Kathy's my only daughter out of four that loves to deer hunt. This picture of us was taken in the early '90s. She is celebrating it in Asheville, NC, today. What a great birthday gift to be in the mountains and live now that was her dream for years. I love you so much! Have a blessed one! MOM xoxo

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Kentucky Deer Hunting 2020

Here’s the video chronicling my very, very, long season. Not many deer went into the freezer, but I had a great time in the woods nevertheless. Thanks for watching! Nick Eskridge

I enjoyed being in the beautiful woods with you, Nick with all kinds of weather and sounds. Excellent!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Texas Hog Queen @ #191

My Facebook friend, Kareen "Hog Queen" Beinhauer of Alpine, TX, got her second hog over the weekend and this is her story in her own words.  The game camera showed a hog coming in at the deer feeder a little after dark. It is a new camera and had a panoramic feature which at first I thought would be neat but the picture was weird and you could not even read the time so I changed it to take one regular shot. I did not know I had to change the time so it was wrong along with the date but I kind of knew what time he was coming in. A little later a bigger boar came in and ate so I was hoping to see him. I was out by 6:00 p.m. and about 7:28 a big boar showed up. I guess he heard my coat rustling as I was putting my rifle up to my shoulder because he ran off. I told myself I probably would not see anything but if that boar was not all that scared he should be back within the hour. But no, he came back earlier and he presented me with a perfect lung shot which I took. Of course, he ran off but I shone my flashlight and could see the beginnings of a blood trail which got bigger as I tracked it. I knew he did not make it and sure enough about 30 feet from the pen, I found him. Good sized boar but his tusks were not very big but I am so happy I got two hogs this weekend. I will measure him to find out his weight in the morning. Shot him at 8:11. #2 for the year, 191 total. Yippeee!

I was going to measure that hog to see how much he weighed but there wasn’t enough left to measure. The coyotes are hungry too.

My congratulations again to Kareen on her second hog for the new year in our great wild outdoors! Way to go Texas hog queen!

Monday, January 18, 2021

Our U. S. Flag

I took this picture of our U. S. Flag yesterday afternoon while waiting in the drive-thru at KFC in my hometown of Vicksburg, MS.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Fifth Great Grandson Coming May 2021

My 5th Great Grandson will be here in 20 more weeks. Mom, Caitlynn, and Dad, Michael "Ethan" Kelly anxiously awaiting their firstborn in North Dakota. My Grandson Ethan is stationed in the U. S. Air Force. I'm so excited for them and truly Blessed.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Happy "Heavenly" Birthday To My Baby Brother

Today would have been my only brother, Marion Edward Love, Jr. (Buster's) 76th birthday. I miss him every day of my life! Wishing him a Happy "Heavenly" Birthday! 1/14/45 ~ 10/31/10

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Snowfall @ Christmas Place Plantation Hunting Club

This picture was taken yesterday at the famous Christmas Place Plantation Hunting Club on Christmas Road near Eden of a snowfall that fell on Mississippi starting Sunday night into Monday morning.  I have been hunting here for the last 13 years and have had some great memorable hunts.  I was hoping to go again this January but my hunting buddy, Rex Howell of Deer Camp Blog called and said he was sick.  I found out within days how since he really was with Stage IV lung cancer and also had to have his spine operated on for cancer.  He is out of the Baptist Memorial in Oxford now getting physical rehabilitation at Yalobusha Rehabilitation in his hometown of Water Valley.  He will start radiation soon according to his wife, Denise.  I wish him well and keeping him in my thoughts and prayers every day. 

Monday, January 11, 2021

It's Snowing In Mississippi & Great-Grands In Snow

David Day took these very pretty pictures of my hometown of Vicksburg, MS today.  It started snowing last night and all night long and we got about 2-3 inches.  

I love this picture on Washington Street with the "Welcome to Vicksburg" on the building.

Another picture of the flags from (formally Crawford St.) off of the main street of Washington Street.

Picture of the Sisters of Mercy convent covered in snow.  I have been in this building and the school, Saint Francis Xavier Academy for 12-years in one whole city block graduating in the Class of 1959.  

A statue of an eagle with snow in Washington Street Park.  

My two great-grandsons, Noah (2) and William David (Will) (3) checking/playing in the snow for the first time.

Noah looks like he is posing at a photo shoot.  How cute he is!

William David (Will) checking out the snow!

It looks like Noah is not having a good time while his brother is laughing at him.  I found out he got snow down his back and he did not like it...it's too cold!

Friday, January 08, 2021

My Sunday Afternoon Hunt

Last Sunday my Granddaughter Victoria and hubby, Jamie invited me back to hunt again at their camp.  I took this picture of the sign on a tree at deer camp.

Deer horns have been on this post for years.

The deer stands locations.  

This camp goes way back in time with a shed for wheelers and for getting in/out of the weather.  Also, benches around a campfire after a hunt and a grill.  This deer camp has about 280 acres and will be logged after this hunting season.

Jamie took a picture of me with my Granddaughter Victoria before our hunt. 

Jamie and Victoria helped me get set up at a deer stand, and off they went hunting.

I was told that this is a crossing for deer in the late afternoon to go to a pond to the right.

I accidentally took this picture looking at my phone but you can see my .270 rifle.

Me under a deer stand waiting for a deer to walk by.  I wish I could climb in a deer stand but can't anymore with one bad knee, and a replacement in the other one.   I will be turning 80 years old on the 27th of this month.  Happy Birthday to me!  A milestone in my life!

A tree limb laying next to my left.

The forest floor.

I took this picture as the sun was setting behind my stand.  Had a nice relaxing hunt but no deer walked by but enjoyed being in the great wild Mississippi outdoors.

Thursday, January 07, 2021

11 POINT BUCK DOWN! Deer Hunting 2019 - Browning 25-06 - Pennsylvania R...

Buck Hunting 2019. Follow Charles as he hunts with his father and law and family during the first week of the Pennsylvania rifle buck season. Deer are seen and even a nice buck. Then Charle's father-in-law Bob takes aim with his Browning 25-06 at a big 11 point coming out into an open. Charles gets the camera ready and Bob makes a great shot on the buck. This is Bob's biggest buck EVER! 
Congrats Bob!

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

A Saturday Afternoon Hunt

My Granddaughter Victoria, and her hubby, Jamie dropped me off to hunt.  Jamie leaving on his 4-wheeler to hunt up from me.

Granddaughter Victoria backing the truck up in the road to hunt down from me.

Looking at the field and waiting for a deer to walk by.  I have seen deer in this field but could not get a good shot on it because of the sun in my eyes. 

A very nice deer stand behind me that I cannot get into because of my knees.

A picture I took of my set-up to hunt the field in front of me.

My camo mask made for Covid-19 comes in handy for deer hunting and keeping my face warm.

Sun setting and no deer in sight.  Maybe on my next hunt.  It's so enjoyable to just be in the woods relaxing and enjoying nature in our great Mississippi outdoors.
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