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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tips on Hunting Rabbits

An article in The Vicksburg Post yesterday about MDWFP offering tips on hunting for rabbits.  
The Mississippi rabbit season opened on October 15, and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks has offered some tips on hunting the creatures.

The MDWFP advises hunting to scout for areas with an ample mixture of native grasses, legumes and other broad leaf plants, and low brushy cover.  Rabbit populations are expected to be mostly abundant where habitat is suitable.

"Almost all of our open public lands allow hunters to hunt small game with dogs, although some areas may have special regulations," Dave Godwin, coordinator of the MDWFP's small game program, said in a news release.  "Some of the public land areas in the Delta that were severely flooded may have fewer rabbits this year, but rabbit populations will recover quickly where habitat is suitable."

For more information on rabbit hunting and management, visit home.mdwfp.com/rabbit or call 601-432-2400 for information on hunting regulations.

1 comment:

Rabbit shooter said...

Gota love this time of year and the thrill of the hunt. Some great advice and I cant wait to break the air rifle out soon!

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