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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Pictures From My Visit To Christmas Place Hunting Club

Christmas Place Plantation Huniing Club on Christmas Rd., in Holmes County, Mississippi.

Across from camp is where tractor, etc., are kept.

A memorial to my hunting friend, Rex Dean Howell.

Camp map of where deerstands are located.

Family sign at the back door.

Berney's nice buck.

Berney's buck that he shot early Friday morning.

Josh washing down his buck.

The pole if full!

Berney killed this doe for me since I could not get my boots on with a stasis ulcer on my left foot and circulation problems with both my legs.

A deer heart.

A nice roarmg fire in the living room Friday night, January 7, 2022.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Invited To Hunt @ Christmas Place Plantation Hunting Club

I was invited last weekend to the famous Christmas Place Plantation Hunting Club by Mark (dark blue Ole Miss pullover) to hunt in the MS Delta. Unfortunately, I could not hunt because of a compression wrap on my left leg due to a venous ulcer. Berney, in the red pullover, killed a 120 lb. doe for me and was very grateful. I had a wonderful visit with my hunting buddies. Three bucks, one doe, and a pig was killed on a great weekend hunt.

This was supposed to be my moving date but had to be canceled until January 28th.  Here are a couple of pictures taken at the camp, and will try to load more pictures over the weekend. 

Thursday, January 06, 2022

Warren County Deer Found With CWD

A deer found in Warren County has tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks announced.

The mature buck was reported to MDWFP mid-December as potentially diseased given its drastically emaciated and lethargic condition.  It was found approximately 4 miles north of Vicksburg and 4.5 miles south of where the first CWD-positive white-tailed deer was detected in Mississippi, in Issaquena County in 2018.

The sample is considered "suspect positive" through initial testing and will be sent to the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa for final confirmation.

Since February 2018, 111 CWD-positive white-tailed deer have been detected across nine counties in Mississippi.  Two have come from Issaquena County, but this would be the first from Warren County.  More than half of the confirmed cases - 57 total - have been in Benton County, along the Tennesse state line in North Central Mississippi.

CWD is a contagious and fatal neurological disease that typically causes deer to have tremors and other movement problems.  The disease is most easily transmitted through saliva.  Decomposing carcasses can also transmit the disease into soil and plant material and introduce it to new areas.

The disease is not transmittable to humans, but hunters are still advised to exercise caution and not eat any potentially infected animal.

For the remainder of the 2021-22 hunting season, MDWFP still plans to rely on hunter-harvested deer to detect potential CWD cases.  Hunters can submit deer for testing at established freezer locations or participating taxidermists.

There are two drop-off locations in Warren County and one in Issaquena County:

*  Communication Specialist, 760 U. S. 61 North in Vicksburg

*  The Phil Bryant Wildlife Management Area, 11641 Mississippi 465

*  Mahannah Wildlife Management Area, 1370 Anderson-Tully Rd. in Redwood

All three sites have freezers available 24 hours a day where hunters can deposit deer heads for testing.  Hunters should preserve their heads with at least 6 inches of neck attached.  The antlers may be removed before depositing the head.

For more dropoff locations and information on CWD, visit mdwfp.com/wildlife-hunting/chronic-wasting-disease/

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

My First Deer Hunt For Season 2021 - 2022

I got to finally hunt for the first time this past Sunday at a camp where my Granddaughter (Victoria), and hubby (Jamie) are members south of town.  

While in the process of packing up to move, I haven't had time to get in the woods to hunt the whole season and also had to be invited to hunt.  

Jamie took me to his new hunting blind by Game Winner.  I was very impressed with the blind.  Here are a few pictures I took while hunting and the temps were dropping very fast with a sprinkle of snow.

Listen for it!

I took this picture after the hunt while Jamie put his flashlight on it.  It was pretty well camouflaged.  Never saw a deer but my Granddaughter saw a buck chasing does.

Know Your Target

As Mississippi hunters take to the woods this winter, MDWFP would like to remind hunters to be sure of their target before taking a shot. In Mississippi, the black bear is classified as Endangered, and killing or harming a bear is a violation of state law. At a distance, particularly in the early morning and late evening hours, a bear can often resemble a wild hog. Yearling and subadult bears are somewhat “lanky” in appearance with longer ears than a stockier adult bear. While we encourage hunters to take wild hogs at every legal opportunity if in doubt, don’t shoot. As in any hunting activity, whether pursuing white-tailed deer with a firearm or archery equipment or seeking out a small game, always KNOW YOUR TARGET before taking that shot.

Have you seen a black bear? Report your sighting here - https://www.mdwfp.com/wildlife-hunting/black-bear-program/ 

Monday, December 20, 2021

Moving Into The New Year 2022

I will be packing/moving in a few weeks and will be offline until I can get settled in.  I want to wish all my blogging/hunting friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Until then, I will be signing off.  See you in 2022!  Marian 

Friday, December 17, 2021

Christmas In The Air In My Hometown of Vicksburg, MS

Christmas was in the air this past Sunday with the luminaries that were placed by Boy Scout Troop 7 on Glenwood Circle, Drummond, Arthur, Cherry, Chambers, and Baun Streets.  Here are some random pictures that I took on a perfect holiday festive night in my hometown of Vicksburg, MS.


Washington Street in downtown Vicksburg, MS.

City Hall

Washington Street, Vicksburg, MS.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Back In The Day

Back in the day, deer hunters would camp in hollowed-out logs. They would spend months in the woods hunting deer. They would sell the whitetail hides for a dollar. That's how the dollar came to be known as a "buck".

Friday, December 10, 2021

Revealing The Secret World Of Female Hunters (Cont)

 Revealing the secret world of female hunters...

*  I was interested to know what the women would say to non-hunting women and girls about hunting.  

Most of the answers were similar:  Try it a few times and decide for yourself whether or not it is for you;  there is no other experience like this - - being in nature, being still and quiet; see God's beauty; knowing the dishes and laundry will still be there when you get home, so go have fun.

The best answer: there's always a story to tell.  True.  When you come out of the woods, there is ALWAYS a story to tell.

Hunting continues to be a male-dominated sport.  My husband and I belong to a number of hunting camps.  At a few of those, I am the only woman.  At others, there is at least one other woman, and sometimes two or three, who are ready to get up early, pull on a whole bunch of warm clothes, grab a rifle, and heard to the woods - - even if our husbands have to come to find our deer and haul it in for us. 

Robyn Lea is a resident of Vicksburg.  She can be reached at robyn.lea.mdjg@statefarm.com

Robin Lea poses with an impala she hunted on a trip to South Africa.  The impala was harvested on a 10,000-acre plot on private property on a hunt with the landowners.  My congratulations to Robin Lea on a very nice impala.

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