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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stephanie's First Turkey

Stephanie and her husband Jason went out turkey hunting this morning with Chuck of Open Season TV and used Josh Schmeltz "Strutting Tom" and it worked like it was supposed to, he said.  Four Jake's were called in right to the "Strutting Tom" that he made for him and once again it worked perfect. Stephanie leveled this big Jake at 35 yards.  The bird weighed 22 lbs. and had a 6.45 beard & 2.5 beard but the spurs were like a Jake.  He said that was so weird.

My congrats to Stephanie on her very first turkey in our great wild outdoors!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Daisy Mae, Millie Jane & Higgins

Daisy Mae

Back in January I debated for about three weeks in getting a dog again after my daughter told me about this dog at a lady's house that she works for.  The lady's mother had to go into a nursing home and could not care for it and was looking for a new home.  The lady already had two dogs of her own.  We had lost our dog, Katie, who lived 12 years and it has been almost two years now since she has been gone. I decided it was time to get another dog and so we adopted Millie Jane, a dachshund. I also decided to make her a blog and called it, Dog Tails of Millie Jane. Recently, we met Daisy Mae next door and I took this cute picture of her above.  I may just make a copy and frame it for my next door neighbors.  She is very friendly and Millie Jane likes her a lot.  Below is a picture of our dog Millie Jane!

Millie Jane


Higgins is Millie Jane's friend across the street.  So she has plenty of dog-friends to play with in our neighborhood.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Successful Father/Daughter Turkey Hunt

Last Saturday I had posted about A Father and Daughter Turkey Hunt. I'm so happy to show you some successful pictures of my Facebook friend, Wade Pickel and his daughter, Ella's turkey hunt together in our great outdoors! 

My Facebook friend, Wade Pikel's with his very nice turkey!

I'm so happy for Ella with her turkey!

A great picture of Father and Daughter in our great wild outdoors.  What precious memories they are making together.  My sincere congrats to both! 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Monster Find!

Aaron Milliken, of Whitetail Properties, posted this picture about an hour ago by mobile from Hamilton, IL, on Facebook and found this monster dead while chasing turkeys.  He said he had never seen this buck or have any pictures of him.  The bases are over 7 inches.  What a monster find in our great wild outdoors of deer hunting!

Friday, April 26, 2013

A Quaint Small Town

These are some pictures I took at the MS Agriculture and Forestry Museum in Jackson, MS, last Saturday before my daughter's wedding.  It was a very quaint small town there and enjoyed walking around taking pictures of bygone years.   

A General Store.

A Doctor's Office.

A Filling Station.

McIntosh Blacksmith Shop.

Jaber's Gas Station.

An antique Dodge.

Old Post Office and Gas Station.

Inside the Masonic Lodge Building.

TBZH Print Shop.

Looking down the main street of town.

Motor Oil wagon?

Masonic Lodge Symbol on Masonic Building.

School House

Comfort Station

Epiphany Episcopal Church (Chapel) where my daughter got married last Saturday.

Side entrance to the Epiphany Episcopal Church (Chapel).  

Children's Barnyard

Billy goats.

Very nice horse.

Pretty Bunny


Veterinary Infirmary

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Brief Sermon

This is very brief (1:42) so turn up your sound and pay really close attention!  Full screen is recommended too.  This is a "sermon" that is both brief and very effective.  Normally, it might take about 20 minutes for a person to say all this. There is no stuttering or hesitation at all, and she is absolutely outstanding!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MS River Back In Business

The river was closed for about 24 hours after one of 30 barges in a southbound tow hit the U.S. 80 bridge at Vicksburg about 11 a.m. Sunday morning. 

M/V Capt. Buck Lay was pushing barges bound for New Orleans, carrying grain and coal and is owned by American Electric Power of Columbus, OH.  

Two of the barges ran aground, one carrying petroleum coke sank in about 80 feet of water about 1/4-mile south of the Interstate 20 bridge and 27 were corralled in a few hours.  

It was reported that the 83-year-old at Pier 4 was hit and received only scratches.

The bridge over the Mississippi River has been hit about 70 times in the 40 years since the 1970's, but a third of those crashes have come in the past nine years.

Tomorrow the flood wall valves will be closed and a partial flood gate will be erected near Crawford Street.  The valves are closed to keep the rising Yazoo Diversion Canal, which is affected by the Mississippi, from flowing under the wall at City Front.  The river stood at 36.15 feet at the local gauge this morning .  A crest of 42 feet is predicted by May 6, a foot below flood stage, according to the National Weather Service Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center.  Once again, it's man against nature!

I did not get the name of this particular towboat this afternoon while on my way home.  It was headed north in the bend of the swollen MS River. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Deer Cam Nabs Suspects In Theft

A deer camera in Adams County did double duty as a surveillance camera in Natchez, MS, recently.

Two men accused of stealing a 2011 Ford F-150 truck and $40,000 in tools were arrested in Texas after a deer camera photographed the truck leaving Aldridge Operation Co. property.

Adams County Sheriff Chuck Mayfield said Harris County deputies recovered the truck Thursday after a license plate check.

Now we know that a deer cam can not only detect deer, bear, fox, coyotes, etc., but also crooks!

Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Jake's Gobbler!

A very young Jake Ellis with his very first Gobbler (Osceola) taken yesterday and weighing 18 lbs., 3/4" spurs, 9" beard.  This picture was posted on Facebook and a guy by the name of Robert Gonzales commented clearly...

It's the Jake and Jake show.  Well he was Jake once before he was Gobbler.  Now thanks to Jake perhaps he will be Gobbler with some cobbler.  Jake I'm coming over for supper and I'd like to thank Gobbler for making an appearance on his last day.  Good Job Jake!  Be well!  Be blessed.  

My congrats as well to young Jake Ellis in our great wild outdoors!  Awesome!

Jake is here with his proud Dad, Scott, who is a champion competition turkey caller, videographer, free lance outdoor writer and hunting personality!  Check out his Dad's recreation/sports website at Scott Ellis Hunting dot com

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Daughter's Marriage Yesterday!

My daughter, Debra Ann, married Matthew Seage yesterday at the MS Agriculture & Forestry Museum in Jackson, MS at 4 p.m.  Above is a picture I took outside the Chapel before she walked down the aisle to get married.

The Chapel at the end of the road is where they got married.  The two-story Masonic Lodge to the right is where the reception was held.

Ian, my great grandson, the ring bearer.

Lilly dropping petals for the bride (her nanny) to walk on as Ian looks on.

Lilly is looking so pretty standing next to my granddaughter, Lucy, as maid of honor.

Presenting ~ Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Seage

Max with his Dad, Matt and Debra with her daughter Lucy and son Stephen. Son, Michael "Ethan" could not attend serving in the U. S. Air Force.

Matt and Debra with myself and former husband, Jesse A. Boyd, Jr.

Matt and Debra cutting their wedding cake.

Bride and Groom leaving the Masonic Lodge after the reception. 

Vehicle all dressed up for their honeymoon.  

Grandchildren got the front as well!

Congratulations Matt & Debra!
Happy Honeymoon and a Long Happy Life!
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