A Dixie Lady Deer Hunter

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Going to Camp!

We would sit outside our room on 2nd floor and watch the rain water come down. Sometimes there would be a bolt of lightning! Their were at least six rooms upstairs where you could bunk four to a room or more. We had two bunk beds in our room. I was so thankful that we had a heater in our room so we could warm up on a cold winter morning while getting dressed to go hunting. That was a sweetthing! You could also smell the coffee and breakfast being made by the cooks downstairs during the hunting season. Oh, what fond memories!

We always had fun riding around the camp in the great outdoors on our 3-wheeler and 4-wheeler. We always liked to ride up to the fishing camp north of the camp house. Bob and I making a stop at the cove by the Mississippi River on the way up.

You had to drive approximately five miles before you could get to the deer camp house after you got off the ferry.

Here we are waiting on the King's Point Ferry to pick us up to take us across the Yazoo River. This was the shortest way to get to the Island to hunt at Brown's Point Hunting Club in Warren County. Prime hunting territory!

Monday, July 30, 2007


Silhouettes of my four daughters that was made by scissors back in 1975 while we were on vacation at Disney World in Orlando, FL. Theresa, left top was 12 years old and now 43; Kathleen, top right was 9 years old and now 40; Debra was 6 and now 38 and Suzy 3 years old and now 34. I am so glad that I had this done. It was a bright idea. They can grow up so fast and this is one of my favorite pictures of them. It still amazes me how anyone can do this type of art work. Charming, Just Charming!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Busy Bumble Bee!

This busy bumble bee was buzzing around my flowers the other day in my backyard and it's a good thing I did not get stung trying to get these pictures. I submitted the pictures above to our paper, The Vicksburg Post early this week to possibly be published in our Sunday paper. The Post will accept photos of its readers for publication. They have to be current and of interest. We will see!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Billy Bob!

I took this picture one day last week of our tabby-point bob tail cat named, Billy Bob. He is almost 14 years old now. My oldest daughter, Theresa and I were in the driveway one day talking and heard a faint meow. When we looked over into the ivy, we spotted this cute little ball of fur. She picked him up and we played with him for a little while and decided to take him inside. I bathed him and put baby powder on him. Then there was a knock at the door and this little boy from next door wanted to know if we had seen a little white cat and I told him yes. He told me that he had named him Snowball. So, I reluctantly handed him back and about an hour later there was another knock at the door. The little boy brought him back and said his mother told him to give it to me since I had cleaned him up and took good care of him. It just so happened that this litter of kittens were brought into town from a farm and somehow Billy Bob got away and came over to our house. He has been with us ever since. I named him after a friend of ours named Billy and Bob my husband.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My daughter, Marian Suzanne "Suzi" and her husband, Dennis, are the proud parents of a baby girl born this morning at 6:27 in Fredericksburg, VA. Her name is Emma Claire and weighs 7lbs. and 7 oz. and 20 inches long. She has dark brown hair. Of course, I am a proud grandmother! Suzi is 34 now and the youngest of my four daughters. She married in June of 2000 at The Chapel at Cedar Grove, Cedar Grove Mansion in Vicksburg, MS. I can't wait to hold my 5th granddaughter!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Horseback Riding at Camp

Bob's getting ready to head out for a leisurely ride around the deer camp to check things out with the other hunters. At Brown's Point Hunting Club on Kings Point Island we had horses during the hunting season and also dogs. The horses were used to track a deer if we could not find it or a dry run if the dogs were not running. On this particular day it may have been a workday weekend in September.

Monday, July 23, 2007

XXX (Triple X)

Here are a couple of photos that Bob took of me while on his deer stand called, "XXX" (Triple X). The stand was located at the north end of Brown's Point Hunting Club on Kings Point Island, north of Vicksburg. Note the rope around the stand. Occasionally, the Mississippi River would come up into the area and the rope helped to keep it from floating away. The stand had belonged to Willis Dykes, past president of the deer camp and his Dad before him. Both have past on and Bob is no longer a member now, but Greg (my step-son) is still hunting the area. Not far from this stand is where I shot my first 8 point buck. I never harvested a deer from XXX, but Bob had harvested several. I saw a lot of deer the morning before I got on stand No. 63 to harvest my 8 point. I told Bob I saw a herd of does and a 4 pt. buck go by and he suggested we switch stands. That evening before I shot my 8 point, three nice does came within 20 yards of my stand and about 40 minutes later my 8 point buck stepped out! All good things come to those who wait! What a sweetthing!

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Power of Schmooze Award!

I'm honored and flattered by getting The Power of Schmooze Award from Denny at Backwoods Drifter on Wednesday, July 18. The Schmooze Award is given to bloggers who get involve and make an effort to connect and get to know others in the blogosphere. When you receive this award, you are supposed to choose 5 people who really help grow the blogosphere community. Here are my picks for the prestigious Schmoozer award!

1. Charming, Just Charming ~GuyK is from the west central coast of Florida. I recently met GuyK in person with his lovely wife, Penny. He is a down-to-earth good person. His blog is about (as he puts it) weird sense of humor and others claim I have no sense. Both are probably right. Charmin', just flipping charmin'. His "Just For Glee" is so funny it will keep you in stitches!

2. Outdoors with Norm ~Norm lives in Maine and has variety of things to read about. They include his daily devotionals, his family household, fishing, hunting, kids corner and of course, the great outdoors!

3. Huntersouthafrica ~Jan lives in Centurion, Gauteng, ZA, and is an avid hunter who has hunted in the sparse open spaces of the Karoo, which was a very challenging feat in itself. He also has a website at Huntersouthafricam.com.

4. Barbarama ~Bob, what about Bob? As he writes - he is your precription for humor! Bob is a journalist and lives in Southern California. I came upon his blog at the Blogger's Choice Awards site and he is nominated for Best Humor Award. We need a lot of laughter in our lives. :)

5. Ask Sister Mary Martha ~Sister Mary Martha has a good sense of humor also. She was nominated for Best Religion Award by Blogger's Choice. Being a Catholic nun, and the fact that I attended a Catholic school and was taught by the Sisters of Mercy for twelve years, it caught my eye and I started reading her blog. She says life is tough, but nuns are tougher! If you need any helpful advice just ask, but don't expect any sympathy!

My thanks to everyone who visits my blog site everyday. You have encouraged me to strive to be a good blogger and you're interested in my little corner of the world! A very special thanks to my mentor!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Skinning out my 8 pt!

Taking a much needed break at the deer camp at Brown's Point Hunting Club. The task is done! Charming, Just Charming!

The next day in the great outdoors, I got the job of skinning out my first 8 point.
Bob pulled my 8 pt. out of the suburban to show the hunters and then we left the camp again to take it into town to show the family. At midnight (New Year's) we were in the middle of the Yazoo River on a ferry bringing it back to the camp. A long and exciting day to remember!
Bob took this picture of my deer from the backside. A different angle for sure and such a bright idea!
I give my husband Bob much of the CREDIT for my SUCCESS. It seems that on the morning hunt I saw several deer from my stand while Bob did not see any from his. Over lunch, Bob suggested that we switch stands for the afternoon's hunt. The rest is history made by a Dixie Lady Deer Hunter!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Laura's B'Day Party!

Here are a few pictures I took of Laura's Birthday Party with family. We all ate a delicious supper of chicken and dumplings and for desert had a BIG COOKIE for cake and two flavors of ice cream. It was a fun and enjoyable evening with Laura and family. Happy Birthday Laura!

Happy Birthday Laura!

Laura is 10 years old today and we will be celebrating her birthday this evening at her Mom and Dad's house. Hope you have many, many more Birthday's to come Laura! This is my favorite picture I took of her around 5 or 6 years old sitting by the picnic table on our deck.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More Memories of Brown's Pt.

Bob and I toasting to my successful hunt at the Deer Camp!
Fred and I discussing how I harvested my 8 pt. buck in the great outdoors!
Bob took this picture of me with my 8 pt. buck I harvest at Brown's Point. Charming Just Charming!
Getting ready to have my picture taken by Fred. It is a bright idea to carry your camera with you. The other gentleman is unknown to me.
Everyone admiring my harvest. This is the hunting life!
I was so excited about my harvest that I wanted the cooks at the camp to share my success. This is what happens when you hunt smart!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Memories of Brown's Point!

Suzi and Bob taking a break from playing on the wheelers on the sandbar at the Mississippi River.
This was our favorite spot of all at Brown's Point. It's in a cove of the Mississippi River and such a scenic place to sit and watch the riverboats and barges go up and down the river. This is where I went skinny dipping for the very first time!
This is the main camp house at Brown's Point Hunting Club. We had an upstairs room to the left. The camp had two black ladies that would come in and cook meals for the hunters around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our friends Reed and Doris looking the camp over. The good ole days!
Sitting around talking and telling tall tells of hunting. In chair is Mike, on bench is Larry, Doc and Bob.
Greg (my step-son) showing off his 8 pt. that he harvested at Brown's Point Hunting Club. Greg is fortunate to still be a member there. He served as Treasurer for several years.

Bob's 8 pt. that he harvested close to his deer stand called, Triple X. Look closely and you can see his stand in the background. These pictures were taken in the mid 80's and early 90's. A lot of memories captured at this hunting club. (More to come)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pictures by Sonya!

My daughter Kathy, Candace, Baby Tidus David, Jesse (My ex-husband) and myself.
A sweet and loving picture of my granddaughter Candace with her newborn son Tidus.
Here are some more pictures that my oldest granddaughter, Sonya, took last Tuesday at the Mexican Resturant, El Sombrero. Sonya must have waited awhile to get this cute smile of my Great Grandson Tidus David. This is one of my favorite pictures of him.

Friday, July 13, 2007

A Priestly Visit!

Bob and I invited our parish priest, Rev. P. J. Curley, to have dinner with us last evening. Father Curley is the Pastor of St. Michael Catholic Church. We all enjoyed a delightful evening together.
With Father Curley and Bob is Christopher Reid, our next door neighbor's (Tricia) son, who is visiting from Columbia, South Carolina. Christopher dropped by to pay us a visit. I took a picture of him with Father to let Katie (his wife) know that he got to spend some time with Father as well. Also, while visiting here in Vicksburg, Christopher, his Mom and Dad love to hang out at the Highway 61 Coffeehouse downtown.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Baby Shower New Orleans Style!

My youngest daughter, Marian "Suzi", and hubby Dennis are expecting their first baby (girl) in a few weeks. Here are some of the pictures she sent me of her New Orleans style dinner honoring the newly expectant parents. It was held on Saturday, June 23 at 5:00, in Fredericksburg, VA. It was hosted in the home of Mrs. Mitchell, who is a caterer and her husband is a sniper who protects President Bush. Mrs. Adams was the co-host. Suzi is a Dental Assistant in Fredericksburg and Dennis works for the FAA in Washington, DC. I will be going to see my new granddaughter hopefully in October. (Dennis is originally from Louisiana)
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