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Monday, April 29, 2019

Riverboat America's Sunday Visit @ Vicksburg

The riverboat "America" was moored all day yesterday while her passengers toured our historic civil war town of Vicksburg, MS. She will return next Sunday. She is shown here moored near the Vicksburg Riverfront Murals. The entrance and exits are still closed off because of the impending rise in the Yazoo Diversion Canal from the Mississippi River from the North.  The riverboats have to come in and moor between the end of the floodwall or behind the Old Depot Museum.  

Some debris as the flood waters recedes but will soon rise again. 

Taken from the backside of the Vicksburg Riverfront Murals.

This coming Wednesday the "American Queen" will return for a full day while "American Duchess" will be here Friday for half-a-day. 

Thursday, April 25, 2019

SFXA & SAHS Celebrating Our 60th Class Reunion

I will be celebrating my 60th Class Reunion (Class of 1959) Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I went to St. Francis Xavier Academy in one whole city block for 12 years.  We were taught by the Sisters Of Mercy.  We will also be celebrating with the St. Aloysius Class of 1959 taught by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.  I will be back online next Monday.  Below is a picture of our graduating class and can't wait to see them since our 50th Class Reunion. 

Living members of the St. Francis Xavier Academy Class of 1959 graduating class are: 
Kay Hess Simms; Ina Lott Whittington; Marian Ann Love; Myrtle Loviza Curro Alvarado; Theresa Martin Kitowski; Sue McNamara Fowler; Jackie Melsheimer Doiron; Florence Murphy Morrisey Boren; Billie Marie Clarke, Bonnie Smith Terry; Rosalye Baldwin and Marlene Wilson Caston.
Deceased members are: 
Marie Braun Yowan; Vera Marshall Brown; Margaret McCormack Oubre Tice; Pat McNamara LeBlanc; Katherine Meyer Turcotte and Lynn Stegall Hausermann.
Members who could not be located are Antionette Sheehan Flynn and Margaret Sheehan McCarthy.

(We have twelve SFXA and twelve SAHS classmates still living)

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Easter Pictures of Izzy & Dad

Pictures were taken of this sweet little girl, Izzy, and her Dad at my Granddaughter's husband's family gathering south of town on Saturday, April 20th.  I just happened to see her walking around with her plastic Easters eggs.  While talking to her Dad he told me they were from Nashville, Tennessee.  The pictures are self-explanatory and enjoy this precious child's Easter egg hunt.

Dad holding her favorite toy, a Panda.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Talking Turkey Hen

The spring turkey season which started March 15th will be ending May 1st (a week from tomorrow) in Mississippi.  Bag limits for the spring season are one adult gobbler (or gobbler with a least a 6-inch beard) per day, not to exceed three per spring season.  I have turkey hunted many times and called two out of the woods into a field while sitting in a deer stand but to far away to make a clean shot.  I have seen turkeys during deer season come right by my stand walking across the main road coming out of a bottom.  Another time while deer hunting in a ground blind about eight turkeys marched right by me heading for a levee in front of my stand. I took pictures of it.  It's always exciting to see turkeys and to hear them while in the great wild Mississippi outdoors!. 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Picnic Fun @ Vicksburg Riverfront Park

Last Monday my Granddaughter Victoria and hubby Jamie took me on a picnic with my Great Grandson Ian and his cousin Kaylee.  We went by Kentucky Fried Chicken and got box meals and headed for the Vicksburg Riverfront Park.  My lights were still out from the three confirmed tornadoes that hit our city on Saturday afternoon.  Below are some pictures I took of a beautiful day and sunset.  The above picture shows me looking up at the hill which is the Louisiana Circle with the moon rising.   

The Mighty Mississippi River and the two bridges connecting Mississippi to Louisiana. (I-20 & Old Hwy 80)

Where we picnicked.  


M/V Gretchen C passing by the Vicksburg Riverfront Park.

A supply boat catching up with M/V Gretchen C.

Great Grandson Ian with his cousin, Kaylee having fun.

Mom, Victoria, Kaylee, and Ian

Ian making some cute poses for me on the slide!

What a wonderful time we all had at the Vicksburg Riverfront Park last week.  I'm so fortunate to have my family think of me when we have a crisis in our town.  They live south of town and were not affected by the outages.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Margaritaville Vicksburg Dinner & Sunset

With my lights being out for a few days, my Granddaughter Victoria & the family came to take me out to eat at Margaritaville Vicksburg.  We had 3 confirmed tornadoes to hit our city and power outage from Saturday at 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday.  It was so thoughtful and such a nice treat for them to give me.  Here are some photos I took plus a couple of videos at Margaritaville.  

Coming in at the back patio of Margaritaville with Great Grandson Ian to the left in dark sweater.

My Granddaughter Victoria and Great Grandson Ian.

Great Grandson Ian and myself.  Dad, Jamie, had stepped away from the table to take a phone call.  

A setting sun from the patio.

What a wonderful evening I had with my family and how thoughtful they were to think of me.  I have four daughters but all live out-of-town.  I will be going to visit/see my Granddaughter & family again in the country tomorrow for a meal and an Easter egg hunt.  Wishing all my hunting and blogging friends a Happy and Blessed Easter!  May God Bless You!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Photos On Grounds Of Old Court House Museum Saturday Continued...

Beautiful flowers on the grounds of the Old Court House Museum this past Saturday.  

There are four octagonal buildings in each corner of a city block on the grounds of the Old Court House Museum.  Two have been made into restrooms.

Cistern Building

This picture was taken looking west behind the museum of the food court at the Flea Market last Saturday.  There are four sets of steps but only one set is opened.  The rest have a locked metal gate.  

A side view of the museum protocol facing south where you can see a partial view of the new Court House looking towards the east.  
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