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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Big Sucker For Alexander

Mom, Victoria Hertzler, is helping Alexander to reel in his big sucker on his little Spiderman rod.  He loves fishing until they stop hitting she said! 

What a happy little Alexander holding onto his prized sucker that he caught with his Spiderman reel in our great wild outdoors.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Twenty-Seven Pointer

A very huge CONGRATULATIONS to Kylie McCrea with Country Girls Outdoors on this very unique trophy!  A trophy of a lifetime in our great wild outdoors!  ‪#‎CountryGirlsOutdoors‬

Taken last Saturday morning September 26, 2015.  
Way to go girl!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bambi Vs. Bumper

Mississippi Among National Leaders In Deer Collisions

Deer are a part of life in Mississippi, as common as sweet tea and friendly neighbors.

And, like both of them, a recent study shows that it might just be a matter of time before the state's residents encounter them.

Mississippi ranks eight in the country for most collisions between drivers and deer, according to claims data released by State Farm Insurance.  There were 22,373 insurance claims submitted in the past year, down slightly from 2013-14 but still amounting to a 1 in 88 chance that a driver in the state will hit a deer.

Vicksburg State Farm agent Robyn Lea said it's not just rural areas that are the scene of collisions.

"Even in cities you'll see them.  We all know there are a lot of deer in the Military Park.  They don't just stay within those boundaries," Lea said. 

Deer can be unpredictable, darting out of the woods and across roads to cut in front of cars.  When collisions occur, damage to vehicles can be massive.  The national cost per claim average is $4,135, up to 6 percent from 2014.

"I've seen claims where the deer have gone through the windshield.  It doesn't take a big deer to do serious damage," lea said.

To avoid collisions, Lea said, the best methods are to slow down in know deer areas, use high beams when possible and be on high alert at night when deer are most active. 

If a collision does occur, there are several important steps to follow.  First, Lea said, is to call police immediately and record the incident with photos.  While doing that, she recommended staying away from the deer.  An injured and scared deer can be extremely dangerous.

"You should always call police any time you have an accident.  If the animal was injured, there might also be a need to called the Wildlife and Fisheries Department," Lea said.  "You should move your vehicle to a safe place, take photos and stay away from the animal.  Deer are strong.  They can hurt you with their hooves."

After those initial steps, Lea said, it's important to contact your insurance agent as soon as possible to begin a claim.  Just as important is checking your car for damage.  Even a collision with a smaller animal such as a raccoon or armadillo can damage the radiator.

"Double-check your car before you drive away, because you might have leaking fluids," Lea said.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mississippi Monsters

Record-Breaker:  Megan Eaves, Craig Jones, Ramsey Jones, C.J. Jones, Denton Anderson, Brandon Anderson, Wesley Pevey, Brad McGuire and Chris Jones, all of Mendenhall, pose with the record-breaking 9 foot, 11-inch, 319-pound female alligator they caught in Eagle Lake on August 30.  It was a state record weight for a female alligator, and one of the longest female gators ever recorded in the world. 

Waterways near Vicksburg are home to some of the 
biggest, baddest alligators 

Deep in the murky waters of Mississippi swim prodigious creatures of the abyss.  These river monsters are found all over the state from Vicksburg to Brookhaven, and McComb to Natchez. 

The 2015 alligator hunting season saw record-breaking gators being caught in the Mississippi River.  A 9 foot, 11-inch female and an 826-pound male measuring just over 14 feet were both captured in the West Central and Southwest hunting zone of Mississippi's hunting region.  

Earlier this week, a 10-foot, 1/2 -inch gator harvest in Issaquena County was certified as a new state record for length.  It weighted 283 pounds, lighter than the shorter female taken a few weeks earlier.

The 14-foot male was harvested at Rosedale Hunting Club on Davis Island, located in the Mississippi River 16 miles south of Vicksburg.

Mississippi's Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks alligator program coordinator Ricky Flynt said the 10-foot female alligators were historic catches.

"That's a very significant regard in fact that females of that size - in the 10-foot range - are extremely rare all over the south.  Even though she didn't break the length record," Flynt said of the 9-foot-ll gator caught in Eagle lake.  

In total 978 alligators were harvested this season, the majority by rod or reel.  Of those 521 measured less than 7 feet long and 456 were greater than 7 feet.

"Technically there were three records that were broken, but two were broken twice," Flynt said.  "We now have a new all-time length and weight records on public waters for a male and another alligator that was taken on private lands."

Flynt said the reason for the abnormal size of the area's gators is due to the Mississippi River and the alluvial valley, which is one of the most highly fertile areas of the country and even the world.

The alligators are reaping the benefits of that, which results in abnormal specimens.  Flynt said the alluvial valley is gathering nutrients and is being funneled into the Mississippi River.  Vicksburg is at the bottom of it.

"If you know a little bit about the flood web and how nutrients are taken up by the smallest of organisms, those nutrients are taken up by fish and the nutrients are taken up by the alligator, which is the apex predator, Flynt said.  "All the wildlife in the alluvial valley is healthy and is not found in other pars of the state."

Clay Gibson from Natchez held the record for heaviest gator on public waters for a day on his first ever hunting experience.  He brought along three of his sons and two of his grandsons, Ashton and Aidan.

While on the water, he saw about 50 alligators and caught a couple of 10-foot gators, before he came across his record breaker.  He could tell the monster was bigger than the others he caught because his eyes were wider than the rest.

Reeling in the river monster was the hardest part as the gator put up a fight every step of the way.

"We finally got two lines on him and he startled us for a minute," Gibson said.  "We snared him around his neck and he started biting the boat and bit the splash rail.  We finally got him up to dispatch him and couldn't get him in the boat."

Gibson and his team caught an 822-pound, 13-1/2 foot gator, but that record lasted less than 24 hours.  The 826-pound, 14 foot, 1/4-inch gator was killed the next day.

Craig Jones caught a female gator weighing 319 pounds, setting a new record weight for a female.  She was an inch shy of being 10 feet and was missing part of her tail.  Jones had been on the water for 11 hours before coming across his record-breaker.

"It's was just a good sized gator and we didn't know she was female until we loaded her," Jones said.  "We fought with her for over an hour.  You had to get it up and put a snare on it and contain it.  It'll wear you out with a rod and reel."

The sex of an alligator can't be determined just by looking at them.  Once the gator is captured, hunters have to flip it on it back, look between the legs and press down on a fold - known as the alligator's vent - to find the sex organs.

Jones took the gator to B&B Meat Market in Mendenhall to get it weighed.  He, like Gibson, made this a family event and had his son with him.

Angela Rivers and her husband Ken had an experience similar to Gibson.  They set a record on the first day of the season only for it to be broken the next day.  The Rivers set the inaugural length record of the season with a gator measuring 13-feet-7 3/4 inches and weighing 694 pounds.  

Ken Rivers has guided hunts several times.  When he saw three set of eyes he knew they were nice sized gators.

"We got on the water late, around 10 p.m.  We did catch a 6-footer and decided we didn't want to keep it.  Then several hours later around 3 a.m., my husband spotted three sets of eyes," Angela Rivers said.  It took about 45 minutes to reel their gator in.

"He did not go down for a little while and was pulling us from side to side in the river, there wasn't much you could do," Angela Rivers said.  "Eventually he got tired and that's when he came up.  I was expecting a little more action than that,"

Danny Boler of B&L Processing in Vicksburg bought 220 gators this season.  The the past he has processed them but this season just purchased them.  He bought the first record-breaking gators caught by Gibson and the Rivers the day after they were caught.

On separate occasions Boler's coolers were filled to capacity this season.  He also saves the heads of gators if the customers want them.

"We store them for two or three days and a buyer picks them up.  We just got overran that opening day.  I didn't want any to ruin or go bad," Boler said. 
By Alexander Swatson ~The Vicksburg Post
 *  Longest male: 14 feet, 1/4 inch, caught Aug. 29 by Kennie Crechale and Ronnie Clifton near Davis Island
*  Heaviest male: 826 pounds, caught Aug. 29 by Kennie Crechale and Ronnie Clifton near Davis Island
*  Heaviest female:  319 pounds, caught Aug. 30 in Eagle lake by a group of 10 people led by Craig Jones of Mendenhall
*  Longest female: 10 feet, 1/3 inch, caught Sept. 19 in Issaquena County by the hunting party of Jonathon Kent.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy 43rd Birthday, Suzi

My youngest daughter, Marian "Suzi" Nicholas, turns 43 years old today.  Suzi lives in Virginia with her hubby and two daughters, Emma and Kate.  

This day is very important to me and to everyone who knows you, my dear daughter! You are an amazing person and on your birthday, I wish all the best things in life.

Have a very Happy Birthday and I love and miss you so much!  MOM 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fair Chase Contest

Surrounded by African big game in stunning 4K video, firearms authority Ron Spomer test drives the Blaser R8 and demonstrates why it's the ultimate compact, versatile, do-it-all hunting rifle for travel.

Fare Chase Contest Link:

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Facebook: facebook.com/BlaserUSA
Twitter: twitter.com/Blaser USA
Instagram: instagram.com/blaser_usa/

Monday, September 21, 2015

Here's To All The Camo-Clad Women

Eva Shockey is Event Director and Brand Ambassador for Shockey Enterprises at Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures.  She married Tim Brent on June 20, 2015.  Eva's an awesome huntress in our great wild outdoors! 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

On A Muddy Saturday Morning...

Eleven-year-old Braden Burkhart of Antigo, WI, bagged a state-record-breaking 737-pound black bear on September 25, 2010, near Lawrence Lake in northeastern Langlade County.  Read all about his story that was featured in Field and Stream!   My congrats to Braden on a job well done in our great wild outdoors!  Awesome!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

His First Hunt

A father took his son on his first hunt recently and said it was a privileged to share that moment of his first harvest with him! Wouldn't trade if for anything, he said!  

How well I know that feeling when I took my grandson hunting and he shot his very first deer, a 5 point buck.  I would not have trade that moment for anything in the world.  Great memories!

I'm so proud of this young boy and his very first deer with a crossbow. My congrats to him for a job well done in our great wild outdoors!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Deer Controversy

Deer Baiting in Mississippi
(Click on article to enlarge)

Deviney said he saw no difference between hunting with a feeder in sight or planting a field of corn and shooting deer in it.  "I just don't see the difference there," Deviney said.  "They talk about ethics, but what's the difference."  (Regulation will become effective November 1)

Happy 18th Birthday, Lucy!

Granddaughter, Lucy Kelly, turned 18 years old today!  I want to wish her a very Happy Birthday and sending her lots of love and hugs on her special day! I love you very much!  Gran Gran

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Deer Crossing Sign

Steve Alder's picture he took in Idaho.  
Believe it or not...deer can read signs!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

American Queen Docking In MO

Yesterday, Robert Turek, was out flying in Hannibal, Missouri and caught the beautiful American Queen pulling into dock there. 

I'm really looking forward to having the American Queen docking again in my historical hometown of Vicksburg, MS, in November. She is so majestic and looks so proud carrying her passengers up and down the Mighty Mississippi River.  

Picture I took of the American Queen docked at our waterfront on May 4, 2015. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Guilty Of Naps

As a deer hunter, I do have to confess, that I am guilty of taking naps on my deer stand in our great outdoors.   The lack of sleep and fresh air knocks me out every time and I'm very sure a BIG BUCK walked right on by.  After waking up I could see or hear deer everywhere!  Shadows, limbs, tree trunks, birds, squirrels suddenly became deer.  Are you guilty too?  

Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Rooftop View

I have been waiting to get a chance to go to our new rooftop restaurant, 10 South Bar & Grill, ever since it opened in June and last night I got the chance.

My daughter, Kathy, called me Friday to invite me out to dinner at 10 South and I was overjoyed.  It was a wonderful experience and we had a great time.  It is the only rooftop dinning in downtown Vicksburg.  I have now seen Vicksburg downtown finally come alive again with cars all up and down Washington Street which was recently named as a Great American Main Street Association semi-finalist putting us in the Top 10 Main Streets in the United States.

Here are pictures I took of our first dinning experience at 10 South.  I highly recommend if you live here or come through our historical city to please check it out.  You will not be disappointed and the staff was very friendly and welcoming.  Get the fried green tomatoes because they are to die for.

Customers enjoying a beautiful day at 10 South Bar & Grill.

You can see the Old Court House that stood during the Siege of Vicksburg.  

Looking north towards the Port of Vicksburg.

A busy, busy bar!

Fried Green Tomatoes w/spicy craw-fish tomato gravy.

The 10 South Original Double Patty w/Swiss Cheese and Sugar Cane Slaw.  

Sky all fired up after the sun went down!

Love the hanging lights around the top of the building.

A tugboat pushing a barge in the Yazoo Canal towards the mouth of the MS.  

Looking south at the bridges as a northbound towboat gets ready to make the bend in the Mighty MS at Vicksburg.

Looking up at the top of the building of 10 South Bar & Grill!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Redneck Deer Strand

Anyone else getting their deer stands up yet?


It is a painful memory for us all, but it brought us all, regardless of race or religious beliefs, together as One Nation!  The tear in The Eagles Eye was appropriate then as it was a sad and tragic day for us all.  I believe it is there today because of the direction we have allowed our Country to go!  I think it is time we All put our Faith Back In God and asked Him to once Again Bless America and make Her Great again! 
~My Facebook friend, Dan Baize

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Labor Day Fun!

I was invited to my Granddaughter Victoria and hubby, Jamie and Great Grandson, Ian's  home for a cookout with family and some of their friends.  As I drove up and parked there was a huge "fun pool" in the front yard.  Ian was having a blast playing in it.  It's always a great time for me to see and be with my family.  

Nice horse in the field...

...and a pony.

Near the barn more horses, ponies and a donkey.

Rooster giving me the evil eye!

Some fluffy chickens!  

More roosters in a pen.

Word is out that this rooster will soon be DUMPLINGS! 




"Buddy" (a.k.a. No Ears)

Ian in the goat pen.

I had a wonderful Labor Day and got to spend more precious time with my great grandson, Ian.  I also have another great grandson, Tidus David, who lives in Montana.  I'm so very fortunate and blessed.  
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