A Dixie Lady Deer Hunter

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flowers, Insects and Wildlife

Mrjbigfoot said the bees all like him because he has the flowers for them and he does not bother them. He moves really slow when he's going in for close ups on the bees and they just hang!

Mrjbigfoot sent me some more beautiful pictures that he took this week.  He said, you gotta love getting close to a lil wildlife!  Again, thank you mrjbigfoot for sharing your pictures with us. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Deer, What Big Ears You Have!

My CamoSpace friend, Mike Johnson, aka, mrjbigfoot, sent me these pictures taken this month in his backyard.  Mike lives in Columbus, OH, and is an avid hunter and fisherman.  He also loves to take pictures of flowers.  He said that he got his nickname of mrjbigfoot because of the size 15 feet.  He carried the bigfoot name most of his youth because he grew up in a neighborhood with five other Mikes for friends so they all carried nicknames.  Appreciate Mike sharing photos with us of his great wild outdoors.     

Monday, June 28, 2010

Water in Eilley's Eyes

My step granddaughter, Kristina, who is a very good singer and photographer, recently took this picture of our great granddaughter, Eilley, in Santa Fe, NM, of her neice.  She splashed some water in her eyes while playing in a tub of water and Kristina was able to capture this cute shot of her wiping her pretty little eyes.

Cute Cat Captions

Sunday, June 27, 2010

In Loving Memory of Margaret

Took this picture of a painting of Margaret in her living room.

This is my husband's ex-mother-in-law, Margaret Dulle, who passed away early Friday morning on June 25 in Santa Fe, NM.  She had lived a long and beautiful life.  This was the last picture I took of her back in September 2007 when we visited family there.  Before she got sick she would take Bob and I around Santa Fe, and surrounding area to show us points of interest while everyone was at work.  We really had a great time hanging out with her and she was so full of life.  Margaret was truly a wonderful person and will be missed by her three daughters, Jackqueline (Jackie), Camilla, (husband's ex-wife), Suzanne and a son, Mark.  Also, grandchildren, great grandchildren and extended family and friends.  The funeral Mass will be held tomorrow 10:00 AM at Santa Maria de la Paz and burial will follow at Rosario Cemetery where her husband, Jack, is buried. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Space Shuttle Time Line

Steve sent me this compelling movie of a time line space shuttle launch that took hundreds of frames and six weeks - shot with a Canon EOS 5DDSLR.

Click here to see this amazing feat...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Peek-A-Poo, Katie

Our peek-a-poo loves to go out on our back porch and lay in the sun while I load the washing machine in our utility room.  For some reason she will not go down the stairs to our backyard which is OK with me.  We also have a new cat that was given to us by our next door neighbor who moved recently.  Allie Cat, an inside cat, has gotten out once and came back in.  I don't think she liked staying outside all night long.  We could not get her to come up the stairs and would run out into the backyard when we called her name...but when morning came she wanted to eat and was anxiously waiting to come in.  She has not been out since.  I decided the other day to run and get my camera and take a picture of Katie lying in the sun.  I thought it turned out pretty good and I'm using her picture (close up) as my wallpaper on my computer.  Katie is almost 11 years old now.  Her birthday is on New Year's Eve.  She has been a good dog and companion to my husband and I through the years.  She is the perfect watch dog and loves to play with our grandchildren when they come to visit.  She has a ton of toys and her favorite is the mailman toy.  She hates the mailman!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MS River Traffic and Sunset

Train crossing the old MS River bridge (Hwy 80) coming into Vicksburg with the Ameristar Casino parking garage in view.

My favorite picture...looks like a hand/finger pointing to heaven to the right of the sun.

Last Saturday, June 19, Bob and I went to the Louisiana Circle to watch the river traffic and the sun go down.  It was a pretty busy Saturday on the river.  Here are a few snapshots that I took to share with you.  Of course, my favorite is the sunset overlooking Louisiana.  Click on the pictures to enlarge for your viewing pleasue.

Monday, June 21, 2010

All I Have To Say About That!

Happy 20th Birthday Carl

I love this picture of my grandson Carl and I, with his very first deer, a 5 pt. buck. It was one of my happiest days that I will never forget. What a wonderful feeling to be with your grandson and see him harvest his first deer. It all happened on opening youth weekend of 2003 in Claiborne County at my hunting club, Jasper Bottom near the Big Black River. The deer weighed 150 lbs. and he used my .270 to make the nearly 100 yard shot. We were in an open box wood stand on top of a levee when it came across. Carl would have fallen off of his stool if I had not caught him and gave him a high five! After we waited about 20 minutes we got down to check on his deer and could not find it. The deer had scooted down the other side of the levee and I told Carl he would have to shoot again. He got down on one knee and made another shot. We gave each other another big high five! He also got his first doe a few years ago with my .270. Carl is 20 years old today and it's so hard to believe how much he has grown. Now he is taller than I am. Happy Birthday grandson! I love you very much and hope you have a wonderful and blessed birthday. Gran Gran :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Missing My Dad

Marion Edward Love, Sr.
June 12, 1916 ~ November 6, 1987

Picture was taken by my 2nd husband, Bob Phillips, a few weeks before he passed away.  I love and miss him very much...

Happy 26th Birthday Sonya

(Sonya's picture looks antique looking without the flash)

My oldest granddaughter, Sonya is 26 years old today.  She lives in Magee, MS, and came to Vicksburg to spend some time with family today.  It's hard to believe that Sonya is 26 years old.  She has served time in the U.S. Navy, attended MS State and Southern MS Universities and loves theatre and languages.  Her hobbies include photography and making videos of her animals and nature.  Wishing her many more happy returns of the day!  Gran Gran loves you so much!

Sonya Michelle

Sonya and I on her 26th birthday.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vicksburg's Young Anglers

Hamilton Ragland, age 10, caught this 8.5-pound largemouth bass in a private pond near Yazoo City on Memorial Day.  The fish was 26 inches long.  He is the son of Chat and Kim Ragland of Vicksburg.

Vicksburg native Karen Alexander caught this monster 12-pound, 27-inch long largemouth bass in a private lake in Warren County on an artificial worm on June 1.  Congrats to our young fishermen in our great outdoors.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Stunning Pictures

My cousin, Gretchen, in New Orleans sent me these stunning pictures the other day and wanted to share them with you.  It will surely bring a smile to your face!  Have a blessed Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Louisiana Black Bear Dead

A Louisiana black bear, an endangered animal, was found dead on the shoulder of I-20 near Tallulah about a week ago, officials said.

Mike Hook, who is the large carnivore biologist with the LA Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, said his department picked up the body of the 13-14-year-old bear after a report to the Madison Parish Sheriff's Department.

"It was a marked bear that had been caught about 14 years ago," he said.  "It was partially decomposed, bu the person who picked it us said he was guessing it weighted up to 500 pounds."

Hook said this bear probably had roamed from the Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge near Tallulah or it might have been heading that way since there is a large habitat in the area.

This kind of road hill is common for this time of year based on two events, Hook said.

"Mothers that have yearling bears are weaning their bears and sending them on their own," he said.  "Females tend to stay close to their mothers.  The young males go everywhere.  They are the equivalent of a 13-year-old boy.  They wander off.

"The second," Hook said, "is that it's breeding season.  The big males are doing the same thing, but they have a purpose in life - they're breeding.  Most of these road kills are males, usually adult males."

Last year, Hook estimated nearly 30 black bears were killed by vehicles.  So far, he is aware of three, including the carcass near Tallulah and two in south Louisiana.

"You never know where a bear will get hit," he said.  "More often than not, there are no accidents reports." 

The bears' skulls are preserved for study.  Hook said.

Black bears, omnivorous animals, are listed as endangered in Louisiana and Mississippi, and it is illegal to harm them.

In Warren County, a Louisiana black bear was spotted on Davis Island in the Mississippi River earlier this spring.  Brad Young, Black Bear Program leader for the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, has said the black bear population is rising.

About 120 live in the state, up from about 50 in 2002. ~The Vicksburg Post
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