A Dixie Lady Deer Hunter

Friday, August 31, 2018

Little Rhett's First Deer Hunt

This is awesome that a Father is taking the time introducing his young son to hunting.  I was in my mid-forties before I was ever introduced to hunting and took my daughters, granddaughters, and grandsons hunting with me.  It is such a joy when they do harvest a deer and put food on the table.  This Dad is doing everything right in our wild and wonderful great outdoors!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Alligator Season Opens Up Tomorrow In Mississippi

The 2018 alligator hunting season will open tomorrow and will last 10 days with a permit.  According to the Mississippi Wildlife Fisheries & Parks (MDWFP), it is illegal and very dangerous for the public to capture and remove or kill an alligator with a special permit from the MDWFP.  

Permits are limited to residents only, and each person limited to one permit in a hunting zone of their choice, if available.  Payment for the possession permit and the alligator hunting license must be submitted immediately and is non-refundable and non-transferable.  

To be eligible for an alligator permit, hunters must be at least 16 years old and have a valid Mississippi combination hunting or fishing license.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Freedom Of A Butterfly

Some pictures I took recently of this one butterfly that I was chasing all over the place from flower to flower.  Enjoy the freedom of a butterfly in our great wild and wonderful outdoors!


Threw in a banana bloom!

This looks like a painting!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A New Splash Pad @ Art Park At Catfish Row

Vicksburg, MS kids have a new splash pad at the Art Park at Catfish Row now.  It opened on Tuesday night, August 14th with a ribbon cutting, to 60's and 70's rock music and the giggles of children playing in the water. About 100 people showed up for the ceremony.  It's been a long year waiting for this moment.  

The old pad had some serious issues with more water coming out from under it than on top.  It will have another feature in the fall - a water and light show synchronized to music.  The water jets will operate in 4-minute cycles, that can be reactivated by a child pressing a button in the center of the pad.  

Vicksburg can be proud of the next 20-25 years because it is something that will be around to last for the kids to enjoy! 

I took these pictures of the American Queen on Wednesday, August 15th while she was in town for a full day with her passengers touring our historic civil war town of Vicksburg:  The Key To The South!  

She returned last Friday, August 24th for a half-day and will not be back until Wednesday, October 3rd.  I'm looking forward to her return.  

Monday, August 27, 2018

A Guest Post ~ Downed Deer Retrieval

Methods of Transporting Downed Deer In The Field

You could have potentially downed the biggest deer of your life, but instead of feeling elated, panic starts to set in. “How on earth am I going to get the thing out the woods and back home?” Most experienced hunters have developed their own methods and ways for transporting game, but some hunters who may be inexperienced or are not physically strong due to age and other factors may struggle to haul the deer catch away.

There are several pieces of equipment that can be used, some costing more than others. If you’re trying to keep your costs down and are up for a bit of D.I.Y, then you can always build something on the cheap.

Let’s have a look at the top methods hunters are using to transport their game catches out of the woods:

#1. Cart

Deer carts are an extremely popular method amongst hunters, and for good reason. Most models that you can pick up on the market are foldable and are easy to carry around with you; this is vital when hauling a lot of heavy gear around with you on your hunt. The idea is that they are simple to assemble and can be used to load your catch onto and wheeled away. The wheels are typically designed to deal with harsh terrain, however, if you’re hiking across a lot of uneven land or rocks, then inevitably you will struggle to pull your cart across it.

Another downside to this method though is that you still have to have some sort of system in place to actually lift the deer catch onto the cart in the first place. This can be problematic if you are not physically up to the job, do not have any fellow hunters with you to help, or do not have any sort of hoisting system.

On the whole, they’re a great choice for getting game catches out the woods effectively. They can even be used to transport other pieces of useful equipment such as decoys and tree stands. Generally, they’re reasonably cheap to buy, and you can usually purchase one around the $50 mark. If you don’t want to run up the cost of your hunt any further, then a great alternative option if you have the time, is to make your own deer transport cart.

#2. Drag

Ah, the good old traditional dragging method! It’s fairly straightforward and can get the job done, but physically it can be very demanding. A few popular methods of dragging are using a simple piece of rope that you attach to the game and pull with your hands or tie around yourself, this can be made much easier if you buy a special harness that attaches to your body and allows you to drag your catch while freeing up your hands. With this method, you don’t have to actually lift or hoist the downed deer, though as mentioned, if you’re not physically in the best condition then this can put a massive strain on your body. One big plus is that a piece of rope or a harness will not set you back as much as buying a cart.

Another type of dragging that can be utilized is with the use of a sled (or decoy sled if you like.) Designed to haul hunting gear around such as decoys and rifles, these plastic pieces of equipment are great for sledding your game out of the woods. They still obviously require a fair amount of physical work, but the task of moving the deer across terrain is smoother than just plain hauling it across the bare ground. Admittedly, they will cost more than a bit of rope or a harness, but you can always pinch one from someone that uses it to sled in the winter, or you could even construct your own.

#3. ATV or Buggy

A lot of experienced hunters that have access to land and have the budget to invest in their hunts, use some type of motorized vehicle to load their catch onto. If this option is available to you, then it should be something you consider as it requires very little work as well as being very effective. If you have an ATV then the task is really as simple as attaching a bit of rope around the downed game and driving out of the woods with it, no extra heavy lifting is required. There is also the option if you have a rack attachment for your ATV of storing your game compactly in it and driving away with, this ensures that your catch is not dragged along the ground or damaged in any way. A buggy, designed for golf or hunting is another type of motorized vehicle that is commonly used to transport deer and is very much used in the same way as an ATV.

This is one of the best ways of transporting hunting catches out of the woods and to your vehicle as it requires very little work. One big downside though is the price. Not every hunter has the money to splash out on one of these vehicles to aid with their transport, so this might not even be a consideration for you. Another potential drawback depending on which state in the U.S you hunt in is the legality of motorized vehicles in the field and access to land. Some states strictly prohibit the use of motorized vehicles in the field, so if you do decide to consider one, make sure you’re not violating any game rules or regulations.

Which Deer Transport Option Will You Choose?

That’s 3 viable ways of transporting your downed deer catch out of the woods for you, so which one will you decide to use? Experiment yourself and find out which option works for you and what doesn’t. You know your own body and physical strengths, so choose wisely. Remember, longevity in the field is what you should seek, so don’t put your body through the mill every hunting session. The main points to consider before choosing a method are whether you want your catch to be dragged along the ground or not, are you physically strong to drag, do you have something or someone to help lift or hoist the catch and how much are you willing to spend?

Now it’s time to eliminate those transporting fears and go catch the deer of a lifetime!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Funny SNAPCHAT Pictures & Heading Home

Here are some funny SNAPCHAT pictures that were taken while my granddaughters were here for almost two weeks visiting from Virginia.  Above my youngest granddaughter, Kate and I.  They are heading back home as I type this while visiting family living in Mississippi and Louisiana.  

Some hearts for my little sweetheart, Kate!

I have a really BIG MOUTH!  LOL!

My second to youngest Granddaughter Emma having fun with me while my daughter Suzi puts cat ears on us.  

Some hearts for my sweetheart Emma and I.

Granddaughter Emma with some really BIG LIPS!

They have a week and a half before school starts in September.  Kate will be in Kindergarten and Emma in the 6th grade.  I'm already missing them and only see them maybe once a year.  I'm wishing them a safe trip back home and I love them so much!

Heading home with Gabby their dog.  Safe travels!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

In Memory of Stan Rogers Bryant

Stanley Rogers Bryant

My daughter, Theresa Marie Bryant's husband (my son-in-law) passed away this morning in Magee, MS.  Please keep my daughter and the family in your prayers at this time.  Thank you and I will be taking a few days off from posting.  

Stanley Rogers Bryant ~ Magee, Mississippi

Stanley Rogers Bryant passed away on Thursday, August 16, 2018,  at Magee General Hospital at the age of 71.  He was born on April 8, 1947, to the late Clinton E. and Nancy (Canoy) Bryant.

Mr. Bryant was a talented musician and loved by everyone who knew him.   He also served in the U. S. Air Force and will be dearly missed by his family and friends.

He is survived by his wife, Theresa (Boyd)  Bryant; sons, Jeremiah Bryant, Troy Brandt; daughters, Threasa Montegue, Nancy Stevens, Lei'La' Bryant, Sonya Gordy; two grandsons; one great-grandson; brother, Victor Bryant (Lesia)

He was preceded in death by his parents and a son, Tyrone Eugene Bryant.
Visitation will be Friday, August 17, 2018, from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., at Tutor Funeral Home in Magee, MS.

Services will be Saturday, August 18, 2018, at 10:00 a.m., at Tutor Funeral Home Chapel, in Magee, MS, with Brother Shane Lambert officiating.  Interment will follow in the Pine Grove Baptist Church cemetery in Magee, MS.

Arrangements are entrusted to Tutor Funeral Home of Magee, MS.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A Trailer Full Of Hogs

David Ellis of West Point, MS, with young Harlow put down a trailer full of hogs recently.  Looks like this hog above is smiling for the camera!  They say that this bottle of Hog Shine will put hair on your chest and it's pretty good stuff as well.  

Harlow was so proud of himself to help slaughter these hogs before school started. My congratulations in getting rid of these nuisance hogs in our great wild and wonderful Mississippi outdoors!  You could throw a big barbecue party with this many hogs!  

Monday, August 13, 2018

Lucy's Baby Shower Party

This past Saturday I went to my Granddaughter's baby shower in Raymond, MS and had a wonderful time seeing my daughter, family, and friends.  We played three baby shower games and had such a fun time together.  

My Granddaughter Lucy holding her son, William David "Will" before the shower began.  Lucy's due date is October 1st for the arrival of her second son.  

A cute picture of Lucy and Will that I took.  

Let's get this baby shower started!

Little Bryson checking out the presents that Lucy is opening up. 

Look who's in the big bag!

The bag is bigger than Will!  Afterward, enjoy an assortment of cookies, brownies, a delicious punch in a pretty glass dispenser, and coffee was served. 

Will with his 2nd cousin, Victoria Leigh!

 What a sweet Great Grandson!

Will likes playing on his toddler kitchen helper stand!

Looks like Bryson's want's to join Will.  

It makes me so happy and proud to be able to see and hold my Great Grandson William David "Will" who is expecting a brother to play with and will be my 4th Great Grandson.  I am truly blessed to have lived this long to enjoy all of them.  

My cute Baby Shower invitation card I received.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Riverboat "America" Is Back-In-Town!

Yesterday, I drove down to the waterfront to take some pictures of the riverboat "America" that was moored in the Yazoo Diversion Canal.  Her passengers toured our historic civil war town from 8:00 to 6:00 and leaving northbound with a destination of Memphis, TN.   

"America" will not return until September 19th for another full day of touring.  The Grand "American Queen" will return next week since her last visit on June 29th and I'm looking forward to her arrival.  She has been cruising up north and southbound now on the Mighty Mississippi to return to my hometown of Vicksburg, MS on Wednesday, August 15th.  

Thursday, August 09, 2018

A Mississippi River View

Yesterday evening I went by the Mississippi Welcome Center located on the Mississippi River in my hometown of Vicksburg, MS, to take some pictures of the sunset.  (Click on pictures to enlarge)

A towboat is making its way towards I-20 and Old Hwy 80 bridges.  

It is M/V Leviticus northbound heading to Wood River, IL, with its load.  I have an app called FINDSHIP that shows me the names of the riverboats, their destinations and if they are underway using engine or moored.

I could see a lot of lighting towards the northeast as the Captain gets ready for a very sharp turn called "Delta Point" in the Mississippi River.  

A nice picture of the sun trying to set in the east last evening.

The sun finally peeking through the I-20 Interstate bridge and goes out-of-site for another day as August 8, 2018, is history.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Awesome Deer Mount

Michael Blackwell of Taylorsville, Mississippi's son is showing off his awesome deer mount.  Never seen one quite like this one before.  I love it!  Michael said he finally got this beautiful piece home and it looks like he has one happy little boy!  Start them young and they will develop that passion and love for the outdoors and all of the wonderful things God provides for us.  So true!  What a happy and proud little guy he is.  Raising his son right in our great wild and wonderful Mississippi outdoors! 
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