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Friday, August 23, 2019

The Grand American Queen Back In Town Yesterday

Yesterday, the Grand American Queen showed up in our historic civil war town of Vicksburg, Mississippi.  Here are a few pictures I took and I hope you enjoy.  

Picture taken from Children's Art Park at Catfish Row of the American Queen's smokestacks reaching above the Vicksburg Riverfront Murals.  

A close-up of the Vicksburg Riverfront Mural of the Sprague (Big Mama) the largest steam stern-wheel towboat ever built for inland river service...up against the largest riverboat steamboat ever built today on the Mississippi River.

Looks like the embankment needs to be repaired

I took a picture of a cracks in the pavement and embankment.  Plans are in place to make improvements of the waterfront.  

A side view of the American Queen.

While there it started thundering so I took one more last picture before leaving. The Old Depot Museum in the background.  To the left you have the M/V Mississippi IV landlocked at the Jesse Brent Lower Mississippi River Museum. 

The American Queen will return next Friday to our hometown for another day of tourists sightseeing our historic city.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Going Hog Wild In Mississippi

State's push to hunt feral pigs is needed and welcome!

The biggest threat from "outside agitators" these days in Mississippi comes from four-legged, long-snouted, two-tusked creatures with voracious appetites and no natural foes. 

Yes, non-native wild hogs are a serious danger to the state's leading industry, agriculture.  The feral pigs cause more than $66 million in property damage annually in the state, according to the MS State Extension Service.

Traveling in large groups called "sounders," they are wily, destructive beasts.  They can quickly level acres of row crops, devour fawns and the young of other native animals, and are adept at avoiding capture.

And the rapidly reproducing hogs continue to expand throughout Mississippi.  They are found in all 82 counties today versus just 23 counties in 1988, the Extension Service says. 

So it makes sense for Commissioner of Agriculture Andy Gipson to take on the issue, even if it's part of the incumbent's election pitch.  He announced at the Neshoba County Fair recently the "Commissioner's Wild Hog Challenge."

"We don't need to talk about it anymore.  We need to kill some hogs!" the Republican declared.

Hunters are encouraged to report hogs they harvest in August and September the the Agriculture Department, which has a website set up for submitting kills.  State law allows the hunting of the nuisance animals year-round, day or night, with no weapon restrictions on private land.  Hunters who want to enter the commissioner's competition  must report when and where they hunted the pig, along with sending a photograph and other details.

Each participant will be entered into a drawing for a $6,000 wild hog trapping system, and the slayer of the heaviest hog will earn his or her choice of two rifles.  Winners will be announced at the state fair in October.

As of Aug. 6, the state reported 367 wild hogs harvested from eight counties. 

Of course, the challenge is more a publicity stunt then a practical attempt to lower the hogs population.

The Mississippi State Extension Service advises "sport hunting along is not nearly as effective as trapping and killing" wild hogs, and the Agriculture Department says, "The purpose of the challenge is to raise awareness regarding these nuisance animals and their huge negative impact on agriculture."

But hunting more hogs certainly won't hurt.  Considering the vast numbers of native animals that mankind has over hunted to the point of extinction without even trying to do so, you figure it would work well with an intentional effort against a non-native species.

With the limited hunting restrictions, it can be fun a diversion and challenge for Mississippi hunters waiting for deer season, while at the same time addressing a needed public policy goal. 

Thus, we join with Gipson's sentiments and say to hunters, "Go forth and make bacon."

Monday, August 12, 2019

Flowers To Enjoy For Your Monday!


Hibiscus with raindrops!





Rosemary Bush & Periwinkle

At the Vicksburg Senior Center posting until I can get me a new laptop or computer.  I really miss posted everyday because it gives me something to look forward to.  Hopefully, it want be too long.  Until then...have a blessed Monday!

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Some Pictures Taken In My Hometown

I went by the Louisiana Circle and just happened to see this turkey vulture (buzzard) flying and was so excited to finally get a picture of it with a train going eastbound yesterday in my hometown of Vicksburg, MS.  

While at the Louisiana Circle yesterday a Motor Vessel (M/V) was passing by northbound and getting ready to make a sharp turn in the Mississippi River here called Delta Point.   Could not get the name of the vessel because I found out my app FINDSHIP is down because of Network Error.  

A pulled out picture of a pretty and hot day yesterday in my hometown. 

This morning I went downtown and got a picture of the riverboat, America!  She will be here all day with her passengers touring our civil war town of Vicksburg, MS.  It was nice to finally walk back onto the waterfront since the Entrance/Exit had been barricaded because of the flooding of the MS River.   

Took a picture of the trees across from the waterfront in the Yazoo Diversion Canal and you can see how high the water came.

I am still without a computer so I will try to come downtown at least once a week to blog.  Hopefully, I can get one soon.  
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