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Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Nephew's Wedding Day

My nephew, Joey, got married yesterday afternoon at St. Michael's Catholic church during a Mass.  He married Candice Landers of Vicksburg.  Father Patrick J. Curley and Monsignor Patrick Farrell officiated the ceremony.  

Making their wedding vows.

Posing for photographers.

First dance as Mr. & Mrs. 

The new Mrs. Ables dancing with my great great niece, Everlee.

Candice Lander Ables dancing with her grandfather, Warren Doiron.

My sister, Laura, sharing a happy moment with her son, my nephew.

Sharing a serious moment together.

Getting ready to enjoy their wedding cake.  

My nephew, Joey, with his two sisters, my nieces, Sherri and Christin (my Godchild).

Friday, September 28, 2012

Steve's Comical Hunt With His Hunting Buddy

As the story goes....Steve was hunting with his buddy, Wilf Schwarz, both of British Columbia, on September 25th, sitting only approximately 70 to 80 yards apart.  (see map below) 

Wilf was on one field, and I was covering the other.  Unknown to him at the time, Wilf, also had a nice buck in front of him at 20 yards, along with a couple of smaller bucks, but he wouldn't stand right for a good shot, and was waiting patiently for that perfect shot.  Well, all of a sudden his deer takes off and runs way down to the other end of the field for no apparent reason.  Here I am, at the very same time, also waiting for the big boy in front of me to come in closer for that perfect shot too...and when he did, I lined up on him, and got myself a bulls eye!  Off he went on a gallop.  Well, at the same time Wilf's deer took off running, I guess I was shooting my buck, because Wilf said that only a few moments after they took off, here comes my buck, racing through the back door (tractor land from the two fields), runs over in front of him at around 15 yards, runs around in circles like a dog trying to lay down, and down he goes, right in from of him.  It just doesn't get any better than that...eh...LOL. 

It was hilarious because we usually call each other when one of us gets a deer, so the other guy can come and help track it...but it was Wilf who called me this time, instead of the other way around, to whine about me chasing away his buck and to let me know mine was in his lap!  It was a very comical and a hunt we will always be joking about for years to come. 

Steve Kane, my hunting FACEBOOK friend, with his nice buck that he got with his bow and arrow.  

Map of hunting area.

Steve took this picture behind his ground blind on an awesome day to remember for the rest of his life. My congrats to him on getting his comical/memorable buck in our great wild outdoors!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Granddaughter In Homecoming Court

Maids, from left, are freshman Shelby Bottin, the daughter of Bobby an Amy Bottin and Elizabeth Counts, the daughter of Chris and Lisa Counts; sophomores Cameron Curtis, the daughter of mike and Denesha Curtis and Laura Phillips, the daughter of Greg and Eleanor Phillips; and juniors Julie Mabry, the daughter of Steve and Karen Mabry and Camille Bexley, the daughter of Bill Bexley and Weesie Biedenharm.  

Laura Phillips, granddaughter, will be in the Saint Aloysius Homecoming Court.  The court will be presented and a queen crowned October 5 at halftime, during the Flashes' 7:30 p.m. game against Resurrection Catholic.  A parade will roll along Washington Street at 5 p.m. on Oct. 4.  Our congrats to Laura!  We are so proud of you!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy "40" Birthday, Suzi

Today, 40 years ago, I had my 5th and last child, Marian Suzanne "Suzi".  The above picture is her graduation picture from Vicksburg High School in 1991.  Suzi is married to Dennis Nicholas and they have a 5-year-old daughter, Emma.  They reside in Virginia.  This is the first time that all my four daughters are in their forties. Wishing her a very Happy "40" Birthday on her special day with many more birthdays to come.  I love you so much!  MOM

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Record Breaker

Photo by Eli Baylis-The Vicksburg Post

Tom Grant, left, of Boyle, and Kenny Winter and Jim Reed, both of Greenville, show off the 13-foot-1-inch, 698-pound alligator they caught at the Tallulah Hunting Club near Shipland Wildlife Management Area.  Michael Robbers also participated in the hunt.  The alligator set a new Mississippi state record for heaviest by six pounds, but missed the record length by 5 inches, said Tracy Tullos, a game warden with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.  The 2012 alligator hunting season on private land ends October 1. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jake's First Deer

My name is Jake Stone.  I am from Newton, Illinois. I have been deer hunting for the past three years now and I have loved every day. I am 18 years old and go to Lakeland College in Mattoon Illinois. For me deer hunting has truly turned from a weekend passion, to an obsession. I killed my first doe last year with a bow and it was one of the most exciting things to happen in my life and can’t wait to have that feeling again. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to hunt some great bottom ground in Jasper County, Illinois and I am really excited for this up coming season. I shoot a PSE Brute X, carbon express arrows, and rage broad heads. A couple of my great friends Taylor Kerner and A.J. Hyatt have really got me into hunting in the last few years and I am so thankful to them for showing me the ways. When I’m not shooting my bow or handgun stands, I’m usually in the woods doing something. I have had dirt bikes and four wheelers my whole life. I also got started into turkey hunting last year thanks to A.J. I am definitely super excited to be back in the woods this year.  

Jake Stone is my friend on Facebook and a member of Deer Creek Farm where he hunts.  I hope Jake will let me share his next deer kill on my site and wishing him a great deer season. GOODHUNTING Jake!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

MS Deer Hunting Seasons

Northern Warren County is in the Delta Zone and archery season begins there on October 1.  The area east of U. S. 61 and south of I-20 is in the Hill Zone.

Private and open public land east of I-55 and north of I-20 plus areas south of I-20 and east of U.S. 61, excluding areas south of U.S. 84 and east of Mississippi 35.

Oct 1 - Nov 16
Either sex (private and open public land)

Nov. 5-16 (antlerless deer only)
Dec. 1-14
Either sex (private land, authorized state/federal land and open public land)

Nov. 17-30 and Dec. 24-Jan 17
Either sex (private land) or legal bucks only (open public land)

Jan. 18-31
Either sex (private land and authorized state and federal land)

YOUTH GUN (AGES 15 and under)
Nov. 3-Jan 31
Either sex (private land and authorized state/federal land)

Private and open public land south of U.S. 84 and east of Mississippi 35.

Oct. 15-Nov. 16
Either sex (private and open public land)

YOUTH GUN (AGES 15 and under)
Nov. 3-Feb. 16 and Jan. 18-Feb. 15
Either sex (private land and authorized state/federal land)

Nov. 17-30 and Dc. 24-Jan.17
Either sex (private land) or legal bucks only (open public land)

Dec. 1-14
Either sex (private and open public land)

Dec. 15-23
Either sex (private land and authorized state and federal land)

Jan. 18-31 (either sex) and Feb. 1-15
Legal bucks only on private land and open public land.

Private and open public land west of I-55 and north of I-20, plus areas south of I-20 and west of U.S. 61.

Oct. 1-Nov. 16
Either sex (private and open public land)

Nov. 5-16 (antlerless deer only)
Dec. 1-14
Either sex (private and open public land)

Jan. 18-31 (either sex)

Nov. 17-30 and Dec. 24-17
Either sex (private land) or legal bucks only (open public land)

Dec. 15-23
Either sex (private land and open public land)

YOUTH GUN (AGES 15 and under)
Nov. 3-Jan 6, Dec. 1-4 and Jan 18-31
Either sex (private land and authorized state/federal land and open public land)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Animals That Are A Nuisance

In yesterday's paper, The Vicksburg Post, was a supplement called Outdoors which was pertaining to deer season that is fast approaching and the nuisance of animals. I wanted to share with you an article that was about the destruction that animals, like hogs, can do to farmlands and camps.  

Lonnie Fortner has a healthy respect for the feral hogs that have invaded his farmland in Warren and Claiborne counties.

"A hog is the smartest animal in the world," Fortner said.  When the decides he does not want to be trapped, seen or killed, he is not going to be trapped, seen or killed."

That sort of elusiveness is frustrating and costly for Mississippi farmers whose land is quickly being overrun by hogs and other four-legged intruders.

A 2010 U.S. Department of Agriculture report estimated the country's five million feral pigs cause more then $1 billion in damage to public and private property annually.

Wild hogs have been classified as a "nuisance animal" by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, meaning landowners may kill the animals throughout the year with few restrictions.

Beavers, coyotes, nutria, foxes and skunks also are on the list of nuisance animals.

Although they can be dangerous, alligators have their own hunting seasons in September and are not on the MDWFP's nuisance list.

Wild hogs are considered the most troubling of the nuisance species.  Their population has exploded in recent years and the creatures have become to farmland what cockroaches are to urban kitchens.

The beasts multiply quickly.  For every one that's spotted, are likely dozens more nearby.  And the damage they can do in a single night can undo days of work and cost farmers thousands of dollars.

"It's one of those thing where you cringe to know you have hogs on your place," said Wesley Purvis, the Warren County agent for the Mississippi State University Extension Service.  "It's not just row crops they'll tear up.  They will demolish pasture land, too."

Fortner, who farms mostly soybeans, corn and peanuts, said during the spring he'll often return to the fields in the morning and find uprooted seeds that had been planted the night before.

"In springtime, it's an all night job.  You spend all day planting, then stay up as late as you can to deal with the hogs," he said.  "You will feel completely helpless at times.  You spend the whole year dealing with them, and the fight literally never ends."

Hogs are the most destructive of Mississippi's nuisance animals, but far from the only ones drawing the wrath of farmers.  In Issaquena County, Josh Miller said beavers are a big problem on his 2,200-acre plot of peanuts, corn, soybeans and timber.

The bucktoothed beasts are well known for their habit of gnawing on trees, but cause enough damage.Their dams, too, create problems by stopping up streams and drainage ditches that lead to flooding.

Contributed by Ernest Bowker

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Otis, The Squirrel, Rescued

I would have not believed this without the pictures.  Amazing how tenderness and kindness changes animals, so much harder to have this kind of effect on humans.

As the story goes...soldiers in Belarus found a little squirrel and brought it to the Warrant Officer. The squirrel was very weak and about to die, so the officer took care of it, fed like a baby every 4 hours. Three months ago the guy left the army and now works as a taxi driver - and the squirrel is always in his pocket no matter where he goes!

"Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that animal, their world is changed forever!"  ~Unknown

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Boatlift on 9/11

I have never seen this before.  It is well worth watching.  Gives you chills. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Structural Engineer In Action

Whether you're a bird person or not, this is stunning!  Not to detract from the sheer magic of it, but in practical terms, how MANY trips would a bird have to make with that tiny quantity of mid/clay it could carry?  (and how far from the nest is the source?)

If you take the construction of a circular bowl in your stride as instinctive, how the heck does the bird come up with the windbreak/entrance design that shields the eggs/chicks from the elements and at what point in fashioning the bowl do they start to construct it?  

Even if you think you could build this...
Try it without using your hands!
And now...stop to consider this:
Where did the knowledge to do this come from?

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Happy Birthday & Going Into Service Party

Granddaughter, Lucy Ann Kelly, 15 years old today!

Yesterday afternoon we celebrated Lucy's "15" Birthday with a big party with pizza, dip, chips, drinks, cake and ice cream.  She really had a good time with her family and friends there to help celebrate.  Also, celebrating was her brother, Michael "Ethan", with cake and ice creams and gifts to open for both.  Ethan will be going into the Air Force on October 2 and will have basic training in San Antonio, TX, at Lackland Air Force Base.  Wishing Lucy a very Happy Birthday today and for Ethan who will be departing soon going into the service.  Best of wishes and luck to my grandchildren!  With lots of Love and Hugs, Gran Gran  xxoo

Grandson, Michael "Ethan" Ramson Kelly

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Frog Picture Published

This green frog was hanging out under my daughter's umbrella on her back deck in Virginia a few weeks ago.  She had put it in the flower box but he hopped back to hide under the umbrella again and posed for me!   

Marian Love Phillips of Vicksburg captured this image of this little guy hanging out under an outside umbrella on a deck.

Give Us Your Best Shot!  The Vicksburg Post will accept for publication photos submitted by reader.  The photos should be current and of interest to the public, either because of their subject matter or their oddity, or the photographs skill shown.  Submitted photos should be accompanied by complete caption information and include a phone number for the photographer.  Photos may be submitted electronically at newsreleases@vicksburgpost.com, in person at Post Plaza or by mail to The Vicksburg Post, News photos, P.O. Box 821668, Vicksburg, MS  39182.

I submitted this photo with the caption on top of the picture and they put in the caption under the picture.  They always change it up, which is alright by me.  I sent it in on August 15 and had visited my daughter in Virginia back the last week of July.  Sometimes they will hold pictures and had forgotten all about it until it was published in today's paper.  Once again I am very humbled by the fact that they think my pictures are worth being published in our hometown paper.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Forthcoming Marriage

My nephew, Joey Ables (Christopher Joseph) will be getting married in two weeks from today to a very nice lady, Candice Landers.  I do wish them all the best of luck in the world!  

This has undoubtedly been the busiest year in our family for babies and marriages. We have had two great grandchildren born in New Mexico, my oldest daughter, Theresa, re-married at St. Paul Catholic Church and another nephew, Marion Love, III, (Bubba) re-married at the Old Court House Museum.  I was also fortunate to have had two paid vacations thrown in with one to Santa Fe, NM and the other to Fredericksburg, VA, to visit my youngest daughter, Suzi and her family.  This date just so happens to be the day I got married for the first time back in 1962 and also the day I retired from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer in 1995 with 25 years of service.  I hope things will calm down with hunting season just around the corner.  I'm so ready to get in the woods to hog and/or deer hunt.  

My sincere congratulations to Joey and Candice and I'm looking forward to celebrating their wedding day real soon.

Friday, September 14, 2012

More River Pictures

I guess by now you know I like to take pictures of all kinds of river traffic.  In the picture above, I have no idea what he is doing there unless clearing the bend of sand.  Two days later he is in the same position and around the bend was another big rig.  Picture taken on September 11, 2012.

Where I was standing.

Pictures taken yesterday and was surprised I could get the name off of the towboat. As we turned into the overlook he was already making his turn in the bend of the Mississippi at Vicksburg.

It was the M/V Marquette Warrior by Marquette Transportation pushing covered top hopper barges.

As the M/V Marquette Warrior makes it way to the next bend heading north, another tug boat pushing a cover top hopper barge came from the Yazoo Diversion Canal.

Did not stay long enough to see where it was headed.
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