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Monday, April 30, 2007

Reed Barber

This was Bob's former boss back in Champaign, IL, Reed Barber, who would come down to Vicksburg and hunt with us every deer season. Reed is gone now but he was a real nice person and a great fisherman/hunter as well. Reed had had a stroke also, but did not let that stop him from doing what he loved, the same with Bob. I was so proud of him when he sent Bob and I a picture of his great catch. It is a 94 lb. Marlin taken on April 25, 1991 in Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico. Cabo San Lucas is located where Baja's Trans peninsular Highway ends at the very bottom of the Baja Peninsula. He would go there every year to visit friends in the summer.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

T-Bone Steak

Took a picture of our T-bone steaks while cooking...they were soooooo delicious!

This one Bob called the sling shot tree!

When Bob and I went to Holmes County State Park a few weeks ago we stayed in Cabin No. 6. While sitting at the picnic table at our cabin, Bob noticed two trees joined together, one a Cedar tree and the other an Oak tree. I have never seen two different trees joined together like this. Pretty cool!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Daddy's Lap

Katie's favorite place to be is sitting in Daddy Bob's lap. Today she is feeling under the weather. Had to see the Vet Doc this morning for fever, ear/bladder infection. Get well soon Katie! We love you!

Friday, April 27, 2007

My Hunting Knife

Getting ready to gut my doe that I had harvested at Homewood Hunting Club in Claiborne County way back when....The knife that I am using was given to me by Bob "my best friend" with an inscription on the knife which says.... Marian - A wife, friend, and hunting buddy. Love Bob. The handle is made of Old English Burl. My very first and special hunting knife!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sunset & Towboat

I love taking pictures of sunsets and capture this beautiful scene one evening about two weeks ago at the Mississippi River Overlook here in Vicksburg. You would not believe how much cheaper it is to transport materials by barges than by rail or trucks.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bob's Buck

I like the angle of the way this picture of a deer was taken. It was Bob's 8pt. buck he had harvested at Halpino Hunting Club, north of Vicksburg about 10 years ago. He was hunting with his buddy Sidney. I don't know who took this picture that day, but I took another picture of it with my digital camera from the picture hanging on the wall in our living room. This deer was mounted and hanging on the wall in our home.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

M/V Benyuard

The M/V (Motor Vessel) Benyuard docked at the Port of Vicksburg waiting to depart on April 11,2007 for our boat trip. Col. Vesay stated that the U.S. Army has more boats than the Navy!

This is the M/V Benyaurd pushing us downstream towards and under the MS River Bridges.
This boat will be decommissioned next month and be renamed M/V William James after a wage grade employee who was a cook on the Benyaurd for 20 years. He had a tragic accident where he fell overboard and his body was found two days later.

Trip on M/V Benyaurd

On April 11, 2007 I took a boat ride on the M/V Benyaurd. It was a trip planned for the Vicksburg Senior Center, Warren County Chamber of Commerce and the Vicksburg Retirement Development Program. It was hosted by Col. Vesay, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Vicksburg District. Approximately ninety people took the excursion and was fed a delicious lunch. I won the first door prize - a lounge chair with a cup holder. Here are some pictures I took along the way.

Col. Anthony Vesay took a picture of Sherill and I. I reciprocated by taking his picture.
He will end his tenure at the Vicksburg District in three months and will be going to Pennsylvania.

This is Vicksburg from the Yazoo Diversion Canal heading out to the River. You can see the Old Court House Museum in the background, which was standing during the Civil War in the Battle at Vicksburg.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Grandsons @ Brown's Point Deer Camp

Pictures were taken of two of my grandsons, Carl and Stephen, at Brown's Point Hunting Club on Kings Point Island north of Vicksburg a few years ago. Bob and I took them up for a fun day of zeroing in our .270's and riding on the 4-wheeler around the camp and the sandbar on the MS River. We made some good memories!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Grand Baby Sucking Thumb!

Baby Girl Nicholas sucking her thumb!

Suzi First Pregnancy

Since my youngest daughter, Suzi, lives so far away in Fredericksburg, VA, she has been sending me pictures of her being pregant. Here she is at 24 weeks. She also sent me pictures of the baby. Wanted to share one of the baby sucking her thumb!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Katie & Billy Bob

This sweet little girl is "Katie"...she is a peek-a-poo and named after Katie Couric from the Today Show. She was born on New Year's Eve in 98'. Her favorite place to be is laying on Bob's legs while he is in the recliner.

This is our cat "Billy Bob"...he is a tabby point bobtail with an attitude! We love him anyway. He is 14 years old now. This picture was taken several years ago.

Friday, April 20, 2007


I want you to meet "Gus" our next door neighbor's dog! I just love this picture I took of him a few years ago. He's a good watchdog.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Class of 1959 @ MP&L

This is my "Class of 59" taken in May on a field trip to the Mississippi Power & Light Co., in Jackson, MS. Their were 20 in our class. In two years we will have our "50th" year reunion. It is so hard to believe it has been that long already. On the front row is Marie, Lynn (deceased), Pat (deceased), Theresa, Florence, Billie, Ina, Annette, Margaret (deceased) and Catherine. On the back row is Vera, Bonnie, Rosalie, Marlene, Kay, Me, Margaret Mary, Jackie, Sue and Myrtle. (We do not know where three of our classmates are - Annette, Margaret Mary and Bonnie). I'm looking foward to being there for our reunion in 2009!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bountiful Crop

Two years ago my son-in-law Dennis, who lives in Fredericksburg, VA, grew these vegetables and fruit and took a picture of his bountiful crop on his kitchen table. The colors are so vibrant! He has two wooden box planters in his back yard. When I first saw this picture, I thought it was a picture out of Southern Living Magazine.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Holmes County State Park

A nature trail that leads across English Lake to the other side of Holmes County State Park.

There are only 6 rustic cabins there and we stayed in Cabin #6.

Bob and I on April 3, 2007. We were married on April 3, 1988 on Easter Sunday evening.

Pictures of our visit to Holmes County State Park for our 19th Wedding Anniversary!

Monday, April 16, 2007


This was taken back in 2004 - A proud father and daughter!

Santa Fe Ski Basin Fun

Laura having a blast at the Santa Fe Ski Basin in Santa Fe, NM. Laura has been with her Dad to hunt, but no luck yet! She loves to play golf with her Dad and is very good in gymnastics.

John Gregory is also having a blast with his sister Laura at the Santa Fe Ski Basin after the Christmas holidays while visiting their Grandmother Cam in Santa Fe. Laura and John are the children of my stepson shown below. John is an excellent hunter just like his Dad!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Greg

Happy 40th Birthday Greg!
A picture of my step-son's "BIG" 8 pt. buck that was harvested in 2000 near Carpenter, MS. He used his friend's in line muzzle loader while visiting and got this nice 255 lb. buck with a 25-inch spread. It scored 131 on Boone and Crockett. What a harvest!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lucy & Ethan

This sweet little girl is my youngest granddaughter till August. Lucy is 9 years old and a sweetheart. This is her brother below.

Michael "Ethan" Kelly a grandson who wants to be a hunter! I have always heard that you can get a good picture by using a pine tree as a backdrop. Pictures were taken in our backyard while they were visiting one day.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Victoria & Jamie

My granddaughter, Victoria with Jamie, will give me my second great-grandchild in October. This year will be a blessed one with two greats and one grandchild coming!

It's A Girl

Marian Suzanne "Suzi" is my youngest daughter of four and she and her hubby Dennis, will have a little girl around August 1st. They live in Fredericksburg, VA and he works for the FAA in Washington, DC. She is a dental assistant there in Fredericksburg. She is beaming with happiness and so am I. This will be my 8th grandchild and 5th granddaughter. Yey!

Candace & Ryan

This is one of my granddaughters that will give me my first great-grandchild. Candace with her hubby, Ryan, who is in the Navy at Great Lakes, IL, are expecting a son in May. My new name will soon be GREAT GRAN GRAN ! :-)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Proud Hunting Day With Grandson!

This was a proud day for me (Gran Gran) when my grandson got his first deer with my .270 Ruger Featherweight. We were in a stand on a levee at Jasper Bottom Hunting Club on the Big Black River, when this 5 pt. buck came across. Carl made the 100 yard shot! I had to literally grab him so he would not fall off the stool when he shot. We waited a bit and went to check on the deer. It had pushed itself down to the other side of the levee. I told Carl you will have to shoot again and he got down on one knee and shot again. This was a youth weekend hunt. I had the horns mounted on a plaque and he proudly displays it in his room. Way to go Carl!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Caricature Of Bob & I

Bob and I were on Mud Island in Memphis, TN, when we sat for a caricature drawing of ourselves. ATCO was having an anniversary party and had the whole island reserved for the company employees and family. One end was like a circus and the other end you could take and go up in a helicopter. It was a fun filled day! (Home Office is located in Memphis, TN)

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Love Family

I love this picture of the "Love Family" with my younger sister, Laura, myself and my brother, Marion Jr, being held by Grandpa Love and my Dad, Marion, Sr. This was taken in front of our home on Washington Street in Vicksburg, MS, on December 25, 1946 by Mom.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bob & Sidney

Bob with his friend Sidney. These two men were on the opposite sides of work. Bob was Manager/Director of a lumber company (ATCO) and Sidney, President of the Local Teamsters Union. They became the best of friends and Bob taught him everything about hunting. They both made a very nice harvest this day at Halpino Hunting Club north of Vicksburg, MS.

They are still enjoying hunting together after Bob retired from ATCO.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Frank & Christine Launi

Frank and Christine in their home in Chandler, AZ

Sunset in AZ

I took this picture headed towards Chandler, AZ from Santa Fe, NM. We were driving with Bob's sister, my sister-in-law, Christine and her husband, Frank. Bob and I had flown to Santa Fe for Thanksgiving with family there and drove back to AZ to visit for a week with them. This was my first trip to AZ. Beautiful county! I really enjoy taking pictures of sunsets!
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