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Friday, August 31, 2007

Daughters at the Old Court House Museum

A view of the Old Court House from the Sweet Olive tour boat as it passes by our city water front in the Yazoo Diversion Channel in Vicksburg, MS.

A historical plaque on the grounds of the Old Court House Museum of Dr. J. D. Miles who was the frist president of the Mississippi Dental Association and my daughters' great-great grandfather.

Two of my daughters Debra (above) and Suzy (below) posing on a huge log taken back in the mid-80's on the front lawn of the Old Court House Museum.

The Old Court House Museum, a National Historic Landmark, stands on one of the highest hills in Vicksburg on land given by the family of the city's founder, Newet Vick. Located at Cherry, Grove, Jackson and Monroe Streets, the courthouse is adorned with four porticoes supported by 30-foot Ionic columns bordering an entry on each side of the building. To this day, the building still has its original doors, shutters and iron grill work.

The construction of the Warren County Court House began in the summer of 1858. It was built by the Weldon Brothers who used skilled slave labor. It was completed in 1860 shortly before the Civil War began.

It was at the Old Court House that a local planter by the name of Jefferson Davis embarked on his political journey and became President of the Confederacy. Over the years, many prominent Americans have visited the Court House including Presidents Ulysses S. Grant, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

It was also at the Old Court House that the U.S. flag was raised and the Confederate flag lowered on July 4, 1863, when Vicksburg surrendered to Union forces during the Civil War. It was also used to house prisoners during the war.

More than likely, the Old Court House would have been demolished in 1948 were it not for the efforts of Eva Whitaker Davis. Because of her strong conviction to see history stand through the ages, she, along with other Vicksburg residents prevented officials from destroying the building after a new court house had been built across the street.

Today the museum displays hundreds of artifacts that reflect the heritage of the area including an outstanding collection of Civil War memorabilia. The museum is operated by the Vicksburg and Warren County Historical Society.

This is a must see if you ever come through my hometown of Vicksburg, MS!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

HWY 465

Recently, the Vicksburg Post had a whole page spread of rural mailboxes on the outskirts of Vicksburg. I was fascinated by that! When we were coming out of a side road, I saw in front of me these mailboxes, so I decided to take a picture of them. I sent both pictures to the Post yesterday to see if they will be chosen for paper. The Vicksburg Post will accept for publication photos submitted by its readers and is normally posted in the Classified section of the paper. I have been lucky to have had two posted already. Charming, Just Charming!

A couple of picture that I took on the way home from spending an afternoon at Tara Wildlife in the great outdoors this past Sunday. I have always enjoyed seeing rolls of hay in an opened field. I took a moment to stop on the road to capture this pretty scene with Eagle Lake in the background. In this same vicinity you also have Chotard Landing Resort for sportsmen of hunting, boating, and fishing. This is a sweetthing!

Raymond Crowe - A Wonderful World

Someone sent me this in an e-mail yesterday! Wanted to share with my blogger friends!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sites and Sounds of Tara

Here you have a 5,700 square foot building called the Herbert Bryant Conference Center which can accommodate up to 100 guests. It's an ideal setting for your corporate retreats, business meetings, team building seminars, family reunions, workshops and church & social groups. It is equipped with the latest audio-visual technology, DVD and surround sound. It also has phone and modem lines for you and your business needs.

Hunting: You have more than 13,000 acres of hardwood forests and intermingled agricultural lands located along the Mississippi River are designated for bow hunting only. Some 326 Pope & Young Class (gross scores) bucks have been harvested from Tara properties since 1995. Bucks weighing over 200 pounds are common and as high as 320 pounds have been recorded. Tara is also a great place to chase a gobbling turkey!

This is looking to the left of where we had stopped and you can see an inlet from the backwaters of the MS River.

As you can see, the Mississippi River to the right is real low and the sandbar was covering the rest of the land. A very pretty stop. Of course, that is Louisiana on the other side.

We entered this huge area that was pretty open and flat and the guide told us that Maggie Bryant, Tara's Founder, named it "Little Africa."

We passed by a lake on the property and saw an Egret sitting on a log in the water. The guide told us that an alligator had been there swimming around, but guessed he got tired of all the commotion of the bus and people bothering him, so he took off for a quieter place to hang out.

This cute little boy was taking it all in and I could not resist taking his picture!

The lady in the straw hat was very informative, talking about the birds and pointing out the vegetation. She just about took over the show. The driver was suppose to be an Audubon employee, but for some reason a Tara Wildlife employee drove and he was most likely a hunting guide. He was very informative on the layout of Tara and how the MS River floods the hunting land. One thing that I did observe was that there were a lot of food plots along side the road as we drove through Tara's hardwood bottomland.

After we got on the open-air bus we headed across a levee to go into the woods for a nice Sunday ride. About five minutes into the ride, a deer ran across the road in front of us. That was exciting! We saw a lot of birds, plants and butterflies everywhere. Would you believe coming out before we went back over the levee to get to Tara's Wildlife Lodge, that a Armadillo ran under the bus and we hit it. That was not a good thing!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Great Grandson!

I cannot believe how fast my great grandson is growing. Tidus David is three months old now. I took this picture from my granddaughters "My Space" site. He lives at Great Lake Naval Station in Great Lakes, IL where his Dad is enlisted in the Navy. He is a sweetthing!

Outing at Tara Wildlife

This past Sunday afternoon Bob, my brother Marion, and I headed up to Tara Wildlife for the Mississippi River Nature Festival that was held in association with Audubon Mississippi. Tara is located approximately 11-1/2 miles from Vicksburg off of HWY 465. They had a lot of activities planned, but we chose to ride in the open-air bus through the woods. This festival affords outdoor enthusiast outings to visit over 17,000 acres of managed lakes and forest, with opportunities to view Tara's abundant wildlife and migrating species of rare birds. They also hosted a Stork and Cork Weekend package with a MS River Tour. Programs were offered on the subjects such as gardening for wildlife, managing private lands for game species and other wildlife and nature with renowned guest speakers. Also on the agenda was learning new skills at their outdoor photography workshops. I must say, it was a great weekend event for our community! (I will post for the next day or so on Tara)

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Lovely Visit!

Bob and I had a lovely visit with our dear sweet friend Denise, Rex's fiancee, this past Saturday. She brought her pretty daughter Alexis along with her. Alexis is visiting her Mother for a few days and lives in Los Angeles, CA. We all went to eat lunch at the new Goldie's Trail Bar-B-Q, which is now located on the I-20 frontage road. Afterwards, they took off to toured the Vicksburg National Military Park and Downtown Vicksburg before heading back the famous Christmas Place Hunting Club in the great outdoors! Charming, Just Charming!

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Floodwall Beauty

Robert Dafford is one of the foremost mural artists in the United States today, with over twenty years of experience and over 200 public works in the U.S., Canada, Belgium, and France. The 46 year old Louisiana native is constantly sought out for his dramatic, large scale illusions.

Mural of “The Big Mama” Sprague: The “Big Mama” was the largest and the most powerful stern wheel towboat ever launched. After it was decommissioned in 1948, the City of Vicksburg brought the boat and used it to house a floating theatre for “Gold in the Hills.” Gold in the Hills is the longest playing melodrama in the world and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records performing every year since 1936. It also had a restaurant upstairs and was draped all in red velvet. I’m lucky to have saved the menu from this magnificent towboat. Sadly, it caught fire and burned on April 15, 1974 and sank in 1979.

Mural of Coca Cola Museum: The Coca Cola Museum is located in downtown Vicksburg and was one of Rex’s favorite places to check out when he and Denise came to visit us for the first time.

Mural of Logging by Anderson-Tully: My husband Bob was Director of Industrial Labor Relations for Anderson-Tully (ATCO) from 1980-1994.

Mural of the Sisters of Mercy: I attended school at St. Francis Xavier Academy and was taught by the Sisters of Mercy for twelve years.

On April 12, 2002, the City of Vicksburg unveiled it’s first Riverfront Mural by renowned artist Robert Dafford. The electricity of this project has spread across the south and up and down the Mississippi River.

The panels of the Vicksburg floodwalls are the canvas capturing the City of Vicksburg’s crucial past, present and future roles in American history, commerce, culture, religion, and technology

(There are 22 panels painted now and 5 more in progress. When the project is completed it will be 35 panels in all. When you come to Vicksburg, take the time to check out the beautiful murals on the floodwall)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Deer For Breakfast

Coolest Place in Town

Art work that my granddaughter Lucy drew in a special class last fall and was eventually placed at The Art Park at Catfish Row in downtown Vicksburg, MS this past Spring. She is so proud of her art work and will be there forever for everyone to see. Of course, I am a proud Gran Gran! This is a sweetthing!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This Is My Life

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 7.1
Mind: 6.8
Body: 7.7
Spirit: 6.4
Friends/Family: 6.9
Love: 3.6
Finance: 6.3
Take the Rate My Life Quiz
I found this quiz over at Becky's blog Tall Cool Drink of Water!

Telegraph Operator

This is a picture of my grandfather (James Edward Love) taken in his office working as a telegraph operator for the Illinois Central Railroad in New Orleans, LA. As you can see the calendar on the wall says November 1909. My Dad was born in June of 1916. My grandfather was transferred to Vicksburg, MS when my Dad was nine years old. I found out a few years ago when looking through an old family Bible that was passed on to my brother, that my grandfather's brother was named Marion and had past away at an early age. My Dad was the only child/son and my grandfather named him after his deceased brother. When my sister, brother and I were young we would ride on the trains a lot, thanks to my grandfather. I guess this is why I have such a fascination with trains. One day I would like to take a fun trip on Amtrak. This would be Charming, Just Charming!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hurry Uppppppppp!!!!!

This was one of those days that you would do one of the craziest things in your life on a dare. On this particular day, Bob and I and some friends of ours went to the Jasper Bottom Deer Camp in Claiborne County, about 35 minutes from the house, to ride around and just hang out in the great outdoors. As we were making our way through the woods towards the Big Black River, we decided to stop for a minute and take a break. A rattlesnake suddenly appeared and crawled under Bob's 3-wheeler. Bob pulled out his .44 mag from his holster and blew his head off. As we were standing around talking about the rattlesnake, Bob convinced me to pose with it around my neck. Well, I had had two beers and said OK, why not! As I was posing for this picture, which seemed like he was taking forever to take, I said, hurry uppppppp!! This thing was quivering all over the place and I will never, ever do that again! This was not a bright idea!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Disease Hits TN Deer Population

Just received this site from a friend in Texas about an article in the Commercial Appeal about a disease that causes whitetail deer to develop high fever, drink water incessantly and bleed gruesomely that has been noted all over Tennessee, leading wildlife officials to fear that one of the state's worst outbreaks is imminent. A must read.

MS 2007-08 Hunt & Bag Limits

Last week I picked up the Mississippi 2007-08 Outdoor Digest, which is a publication by the MS Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, to read. It includes information and regulations on hunting and fishing, State Lakes, Hunter Education, State Parks, License Requirements, Wildlife Management Areas, Boating Safety, and much more. In Mississippi you have two deer management zones. Zone 1 - a legal buck is an antlered buck deer with antlers of four (4) points or greater may be taken. An antler point is define as any antler protrusion that would hold any size ring. Zone 2 - a legal buck is an antlered buck deer with antlers of four (4) points or greater AND either a minimum inside spread of ten (10) inches OR a minimum main beam length of thirteen (13) inches may be taken. An antler point is defined as any antler protrusion that would hold any size ring. Vicksburg, MS is located in Zone 1. Here is this seasons info and bag limit list:
Archery ~ Oct 1- Nov. 16, 2007; either-sex on private and open public lands.
Youth Gun ~ (Youth less than 16 years old) Nov. 10 - Nov. 16, 2007; either-sex on private lands and authorized state or federal public lands.
Gun ~ (With Dogs) Nov 17-Nov. 30, 2007; either-sex on private lands; legal bucks only on open public lands.
Primitive Weapon ~ Dec. 1-Dec. 14, 2007; either-sex on private and open public lands.
Gun ~ (Without Dogs) Dec. 15-Dec. 16, 2007; either-sex on private and open public land; Dec. 17-Dec. 23, 2007; either-sex on private lands; legal bucks only on open public lands.
Gun ~ (With Dogs) Dec. 24, 2007 - Jan 17, 2008; either-sex on private lands; legal bucks only on open public lands.
Primitive Weapon ~ Jan. 18 - Jan 31, 2008; either-sex on private and open public lands.

Bag Limit: Antlered Buck Deer - The bag limit on antlered buck deer is one (1) buck per day, not to exceed three (3) per license year. On private lands, youth less than sixteen (16) years old may harvest one (1) deer with any hardened antler, regardless of number of points, inside spread, or beam length.
Antlerless Deer - The bag limit on antlerless deer is one (1) per day, not to exceed three (3) per license year, except that two (2) additional deer per license year may be taken with a bow and arrow.

Hunting season is just around the corner! This is a sweetthing!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Remembering Hurricane Camille

My six year old daughter Theresa was vacationing and camping with my sister and brother-in-law when they were told to evacuate the camp grounds because of Hurricane Camille coming inland into Mississippi. I was a total wreck until they were all safe and back home.

Here is the history of Camille - August 17, 1969

A tropical wave left the coast of Africa on August 5, becoming a tropical disturbance on August 9, 480 miles east of the Leeward Islands. Aircraft reconnaissance identified a closed circulation in the disturbance on the 14th near Grand Cayman and the system was designated Tropical Storm Camille with 60 mph (95 km/h) winds. The storm already had a well organized circulation and rapidly strengthened from August 14 to August 15 to a 115 mph (185 km/h) major hurricane before hitting the western tip of Cuba later that day. Land interaction weakened Camille to a 100 mph (160 km/h) hurricane, but it returned to perfect conditions as it crossed the Gulf of Mexico (possibly while passing over the Loop Current). On August 17, Camille reached an intense minimum central pressure of 905 mbar (hPa), and it continued to strengthen to a peak of over 190 mph (305 km/h) winds (possibly the strongest ever recorded in an Atlantic hurricane). In the hours before landfall, a reconnaissance aircraft was unable to obtain a surface wind report, but it estimated winds of up to 205 mph (335 km/h) and a minimum central pressure of 901 mbar (hPa). Camille nearing its final landfall crossed the southeastern tip of Louisiana, and then hit near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, on the night of August 17. Its Category 5 strength winds are only estimated, due to the lack of wind reports near the center, though the NASA site at Stennis Space Center near Picayune, Mississippi, recorded an estimated gust of 160 mph with a pressure of 950 mbar. It maintained hurricane force winds for 10 hours as it moved 150 miles inland. As Camille turned east, it weakened to a tropical depression over northern Mississippi on the 19th. It picked up additional moisture from the Gulf Stream along the way and produced torrential rains in the remote mountains of Virginia. Camille turned eastward as it moved inland, and emerged into the Atlantic Ocean near Virginia Beach, Virginia, on the 20th. The depression restrengthened over the Gulf Stream, and briefly attained a peak of 70 mph (110 km/h) before becoming extratropical on the 22nd, east of Nova Scotia.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Elvis Presley Tribute

30 Years Ago Today

In March of 1977 before Elvis died on August 16, 1977, 30 years ago, I was fortunate enough to see him in concert at the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson, MS. My sister called and said that her husband did not want to go (imagine that) and asked would I like to go in his place. I was so excited and glad I had the chance to see "The King" in concert. It was a moment in time that I will never forget. When I heard of his death I was in the kitchen preparing lunch and it was announced on my radio which was on top of my refrigerator. In the late 80's Bob took me to Graceland for a tour of the mansion and graves. While passing through Memphis a few years ago coming back home from visiting my cousin in Missouri, we decided to stay over in Memphis at the end of Lonely Street at Heartbreak Hotel. It's a fashionable boutique hotel that takes its cues from the legendary hospitality and personal style for which the King of Rock & Roll was known. If ever in Memphis, you need to check it out. Elvis is everywhere! That's a sweetthing!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tribute to our Fallen Heroes

Kitowski ~ A Fallen Hero

I just received word this morning that my Classmate 59', Theresa Martin Kitowski's only son was killed Sunday by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. Charles B. Kitowski III, 31, was living in the Dallas suburb of Farmers Branch but was born in Gulfport, MS. He was assigned to the 345th Psychological Operations Company, 2nd Phychological Operations Group, U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne) at Fort Bragg, N.C. He worked in the finance department at Southwest Airlines in Dallas before deploying to Afghanistan. He earned several military awards, including the Marksmanship Qualification Badge and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. He is survived by his parents, Chuck and Theresa Kitowski, of Katy, Texas. The family requested that they wanted the Patriot Guard Riders with them on their sons last journey. He will be laid to rest on Saturday. (Also, killed with Kitowski were Sgt. lst Class Jeffrey D. Kettle, 32 of Madill, OK and Staff Sgt. Jesse G. Clowers, Jr. 27 of Herndon, VA)
May they all rest in peace!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blogging Buddies

It is always such a pleasure to have Rex to come to Vicksburg to visit Bob and I. He and his family have treated us like part of his family. We are so lucky to have met here on the Internet and look forward to more good times together. After we left Borello's we all headed up to the famous Christmas Place Plantation Hunting Club on the edge of the Mississippi Delta. We all enjoyed a delicious hog feast and celebrated Wanda's birthday with homemade ice-cream and cake!

Denise is the most sweetest lady you would ever want to meet. Bob and I am so proud to know her and Rex is one lucky guy to have her in his life. We consider her a very dear friend.

After we left the bottle show at the Battlefield Inn, we took off for a cold beer. Our favorite place to go is Borrello's in downtown Vicksburg. They have the coldest draft beer ever! With temps in the 100's, this was the place to be to cool off. While there we took some pictures of us having a good time and toasting to friendship. Left to right, Rex, Denise, myself, Wanda, Paul and Bob. Charming, Just Charming!

Monday, August 13, 2007


This is Radar, a parrot that is in one of four bird cages located in the main lobby of the Battlefield Inn. This is a sweetthing!

Bob and Wanda (Happy Birthday Wanda!) resting in the lobby of the Battlefield Inn after taking in the bottle show. The Inn is decorated with civil war artifacts, pictures and cannons. It has a charming southern lobby with a fireplace and player piano. Next to the Battlefield Inn, is the Vicksburg Battlefield Museum. This museum has a collection of the world's largest civil war gunboat models featuring many of the war's most famous ships. The Inn is also located close to the Vicksburg National Military Park.

Bottles Everywhere

My deer blogging friend Rex over at Deer Camp Blog came to Vicksburg, MS to visit us Saturday with Denise, his fiancee, his brother Paul and wife Wanda, to attend the 10th Annual Vicksburg Antique Bottle Show. We all enjoyed checking out all the unique bottles and antiques. Here Rex is showing off a Biedenharn (Coca-Cola) bottle that was first bottled in Vicksburg back in 1894. The Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum which is located in downtown Vicksburg, is owned and operated by the Vicksburg Foundation for Historic Preservation and is one of the Foundation's key success stories in preserving Vicksburg and American history. Charming, Just Charming!

Bottles and more Bottles! Note the one to the left front. Looks like a violin.

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