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Friday, May 24, 2013

Guest Post ~ FindTheBest

Whether you are a seasoned bow hunter, an expert gun huntsman, or a novice new to the sport of archery, knowing what to look for in a compound bow is essential to your performance as well as what type of game you hope on hunting. Compound bows can range anywhere from $180 to $2,100, with such as large selection of bows on the market today and with such a large variety in price, how can you know you are purchasing a bow that will give you the most bang for your buck? FindTheBest has created a compound bow comparison to help you easily see the important metrics to consider before purchasing a used or new bow. Here are a few things you should consider when looking to purchase a compound bow.
What will you be shooting? Although most hunters use their bows for hunting, compound bows can be used competition target shooting or bow fishing. Hunting bows tend to be smaller that target shooting bows as well as bow fishing bows, which allows for more mobility for the hunter. Whether you are planning a trip to a hunting lodge or campground, or just practicing your shot at a shooting range, ensuring you have the right sized bow for your activity will make for a more successful trip.
What type of game will you be shooting? If you plan to use your compound bow to hunt, you want to determine what sized game you will be shooting for. Larger game, such as elk, deer, and bears, require a bow that can generate as much force as possible; look for a bow with 60- to 70-pound draw weight. For smaller game, such as birds and rabbits, you want a bow that can be fired quickly with a lighter draw rate; look for a small game bow with a 50- to 60-pound draw weight.
What is your skill level? It’s important to remember that a high draw rates are required to generate high arrow speed. The high draw rate will make the bow more difficult to draw back, which can make a bow more difficult to handle for less experienced archers. Unlike the compound bows counterpart, the crossbow, the learning curve of a compound bow can take several months to even a couple years to completely master. Be sure to evaluate your personal skill level to ensure you purchase a bow that fits your skill.
If you consider these tips, it will make for a hunt with fewer frustrations as well as providing you peace of mind in that you purchased a bow that fits your needs and skill level. 
By: Katie Armstrong

Katie Armstrong
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