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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A Couple Of Big Sows!

Michael Macko's son is shown here with a couple of big hogs (sows) that were killed in Holmes County, MS recently.  I can relate to this picture while killing a 180 lbs. sow and a smaller one running at a deer camp in Holmes County.  They are running wild in the Delta and north Mississippi.  When I shot my first sow a few years ago there were at least 12 eating in a field.  It was three big ones and the rest were smaller and I aimed for the head while she was eating and dropped her in her tracks and reloaded and shot another one running.  I was actually deer hunting when they came out to feed.  We do have a wild hog epidemic in Mississippi where they are doing a lot of damage to the landscape and you can hunt hogs year-round.  It was an awesome hunt and I have a picture of me with my hog taking up the whole tailgate.  I took it to a processor in town and enjoyed the meat for a full year.  My congrats to Michael and his son on a job well done in our great wild Mississippi outdoors.  I'm thinking it's barbeque time!

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