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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Honoring Dad On Father's Day

I love this picture of my Dad, Marion E. Love, Sr., and myself taken in November 1986. Unfortunately, he died the following November of a heart attack while hitting the Wisconsin bridge abutment. 

This was my very first deer (6-point buck) on opening day after a big thunderstorm.  All the other hunters left and went home and we stayed. I initiated myself by slapping blood on my face after finding what appeared to be a lung-shot from where it had stood.  I was on my deer stand only five minutes before it walked out from where I had just walked to my stand.     

After leaving Jasper Bottom Hunting Club in Claiborne County, we went by my sister's home in Bovina, MS, where Dad was recuperating from being in the hospital and showed him my deer. He was so proud of me!  He thanked my former husband for taking me and for teaching me how to hunt.

I love and miss you so much, Dad! 

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