Tuesday, November 28, 2006

On Sunday, November 26, I took my daughter Kathy hunting with me. We got to the camp "Jasper Bottom" about 11:15, signed in and the hunters that were there were getting ready to do a a drive....so I took Kathy to A3 in a box stand about 2 feet off the ground. It was a great spot to hunt. There had been some logging in that area about two years ago...never been back in there. Was able to use Allen's 4-wheeler to take Kathy in. I went back to the camp and Allen drove me to my stand on the main road which is A-1. We did not see a thing....after the drive the guys left. I called Kathy on my cell phone to see if she wanted to go to a field stand and she did. Got off my stand and walked back to the camp to get the 4-wheeler. Got Kathy and before we left, I took some pictures. I will try to load them on here soon...I drove Kathy to F-1 to hunt and I went up from her to F-6....sat there for two and half hours and neither one of us saw anything. We did have a good time tho. I enjoy being in the woods and so does she. It was quality time with my daughter who will turn 41 in January. We made a lot of memories...hopefully, next time we will get a deer!

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