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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mississippi - Believe It!

For those of you, who live in Mississippi, used to live in Mississippi, or simply wish you lived in Mississippi...and especially for those of you who giggle at the mere mention of the NAME of Mississippi...here are some interesting points to be advertised.

A professional advertising/public relations firm in Mississippi got sick and tired of all the negative stereotypes against our State from Hollywood and Madison Avenue.  Donating their own time and money they developed these ads to be printed in the Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, and other publications.  Posters will be placed in schools and universities and distributed at the annual Mississippi inn New York event.  The posters will also be sent to select media personalities, such as Mississippi's own Sheppard Smith, FOX News Anchorman.

The ads look really slick, and they are TRUE!!  Enjoy!  (Click on image to enlarge).

Oh..., and did I mention we also have the
“World’s Largest Boiling Water Reactor”
The 1,300 Mega-Watt in a Nuclear Power Plant?

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