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Monday, September 11, 2017

Tomato Place Luncheon

Johnette and I had an enjoyable BLT with a guacamole sandwich, sweet tea and homemade bread pudding for dessert at The Tomato Place for lunch.  It's a beautiful breezy clear blue sunny day. Tomorrow will be a different story with rain forecast from the tropical storm, IRMA.  

An elderly couple came in and I overheard the waitress asked where they were from and they said Florida.  They had come this far to get away and live in the Tampa Bay area.  They were leaving Wednesday to try to get back home. We wished them safe travels on their way back from the worst weather disaster to ever hit our homeland.    

Watermelons for sale.

Delicious varieties of smoothies. 

Love this bike with all bright neon lights hanging on the wall.

Beautiful picture on the wall of Blessed Mother. 

Flowers that hummingbirds like.

Gators too!

A very tall bottle tree!

 The Boiled Peanuts Shack!

Outer feeder bands coming in from the tropical storm, IRMA while leaving The Tomato Place.  

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