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Monday, October 29, 2018

Susan's First Deer Of The Season

My Facebook hunting friend, Susan Crain had a great afternoon deer hunting and got her first deer of the season. A doe with fresh back straps for tomorrow, she said. 

She announced that she came close to a bad afternoon and you just never know when your time could come. After taking the Doe with her bow...she climbed down from her stand without her radio, and while throwing her crossbow and running, her 9mm fell from the holster because she didn't have it strap in. Yelp, she said...when stepping onto the ground there sat a Rattlesnake and by the time she stepped off the last step, it was curled shaking its buttons. Of course, she was not prepared for that. She knows better.....but who the heck thinks about rattlesnakes at the end of October.  Only in Florida. Susan said.  

So glad she had a happy ending and the rattlesnake went on its way and decided not to strike at her.  My congratulations on a fine doe in the wonderful and wild State of Florida!  

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