Marian's Hunting Stories, etc., etc., etc...

Marian's Hunting Stories, etc., etc., etc...
Stories of my hunting experiences with family, friends or whatever else I want to blog about.

A Dixie Lady Deer Hunter

Article by Fred Messina, editor of "On Target Outdoors" from The Vicksburg Evening Post on Friday, January 19, 1990. Photo by Bob Phillips.

Bob Phillips came up the other day with a photo of his wife Marian and a deer she got on Brown's Point New Years Eve. The deer was an 8-point with 16 inches of inside spread that weighed in at 190 pounds. A nice trophy in anyone's book. However, the tale Bob told is that this was Marian's fourth deer this year and he claimed that he would have done better than he did if he had not spent so much time hauling Marian's deer out of the woods. Come off it, Bob. We all know who the hunter was.

Monday, July 05, 2010

A Race For The Crown

Anna Tadlock is crowned Miss Mississippi 2009 at the Vicksburg Convention Center ~The Vicksburg Post

The 2010 Miss Mississippi Pageant will get in full swing today with a parade down Washington Street at 7 p.m., followed by an autograph party.  Forty-five beauty queens arrived in Vicksburg yesterday to get ready to complete to win the crown and a chance at the national title of Miss America.  The preliminary competition is set for 8 p.m. Wednesday-Friday at the Vicksburg Convention Center, with the final contest at 8:00 p.m. Saturday.  This year's pageant, dubbed Two Kings and a Queen, will feature the music of King of Pop Michael Jackson and King of Rock 'n' Roll Elvis Presley.  It will be televised live on WLBT/Jackson and online at web cast at  Good Luck to all the contestants!


Bill Trussell said...

Hi Marian
The Miss Mississippi and Miss America Pageant bring back fond memories to me. I still remember the night that Cheryl Prewitt won Miss America. My wife and I were living in Tupelo and teaching school at Shannon. The reason this brings back memories---------- is my family and Cheryl’s family live about a mile apart in a small community called Chester east of Ackerman. Cheryl’s parents owned a store in the neighbor hood and everyone in the area went there to get there groceries for the week. I went to school with Cheryl and her brothers and sister at Weir High School. We all rode the bus together everyday to get to school at Weir. I even dated Cheryl’s oldest sister Paulette. So when Miss America is mentioned I always think about that night she was crowned and of course all those great times both families had in the small community of Chester. Those were some of the best times of my life, I will never forget them. Thanks for the post.

Marian Love Phillips said...

Glad I was able to bring back some fond memories for you Bill. I was watching that night also and so proud of her winning Miss America, actually ALL our Miss America's from MS. I'm looking forward to watching it on TV this Saturday. Our Miss Mississippi Pageant will be giving away $300,000 in scholarships - the most ever in the nation. Thanks for coming by. :)

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