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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Five Exotic Places To Hunt

I was contacted recently by Kate Schumer who is the Content Coordinator at Priority One Jets.  She asked me if I would like to post their article on exotic hunting and was very happy to obliged.  Anything pertaining to hunting is what my blog is all about! 

I was also asked to tell about my wildest hunt and that would be a hog hunt at the famous Christmas Place Plantation and Hunting Club on the edge of the MS Delta.  My husband and I were invited guest and while in a stand together a big black hog came running past us.  I could not scoped it but my husband, being an Army expert marksman, shot but sadly missed.  He had another opportunity later in the year and got a really nice hog.  A hog is still on my bucket list but recovering from rt. rotator cuff surgery so I will have to wait another year.  I know I have a hog with my name on it in our great wild outdoors!  

Below are five exotic places to hunt around the world and maybe if you have the means you may want to check them out. 

Originally used as a means of survival, hunting has evolved into a favorite pastime for many. From traditional methods to modern tricks, hunters today have found new ways of capturing prey. If you are looking for a new locations with bigger and better game, consider traveling to one of these exotic locations for the excursion of a lifetime.

Immenhof Hunting (Africa) - Whether your preference is a bow or a rifle, this hunting farm sits on 20,000 acres of private land and boasts a variety of game.  From baboons to cheetahs, hunters can pursue prey of all shapes and sizes for their trophy wall. Experienced guides knowledgeable in multiple languages are available for one-on-one or small group sessions.  If your traveling companion isn't much of a hunter, the farm also provides non-hunting activities, such as horseback riding, farm tours, and nature walks.

Available game consists of:  Baboon, Giraffe, Impala, Leopard, Oryx, Ostrich, Warthog, Wildebeest, Zebra, and more.

Balam Mexico Jungle Hunt (Mexico) - Located in one of the largest jungle masses in the world, hunters will be thrown into the full nature experience.  The camp is surrounded by a 200,000 acre hunting playground packed with numerous four legged creatures such as deer, pecari, and forest cougars.  The season lasts from mid March to late Ma, with temperatures reaching up to a scorching 90 degrees.   Guns and ammo are available for rent depending on the selected package.  

Available game consists of:  Forest Cougar, Ocellated Turkey, White Tail Deer, Collared Pecari, Scaled Pigeon, and more.

High Mountain Hunts (Iceland) - If your're looking for a change of scenery and a drastic drop in temperature, bundle up and trek to Iceland.  Partner up with a group of 20-30 hunters (depending on your package) to track reindeer, geese, and puffin.  With packages catering to individuals and larger groups, hunters can enjoy their trip with any company they choose.  Depending on the type of hunt your're after, High Mountain Hunts also has destinations in Argentina, Brazil and Russia.

Available game consists of:  Reindeer, Geese, Ptarmigan, Puffin, Guillemot, and Razorbills.

Opatcho Lake Guide Outfitters (British Columbia) - Sitting on the shores of the sparking Opatcho Lake, this camp specializes in big game hunt adventures.  With a lake full of rainbow trout and a surrounding forest where grizzly bears creep behind every corner, hunters are counseled by trained guide outfitters every step of the way.  Hunters can appreciate the ambiance of the rugged outdoors while still enjoying home cooked meals, hot showers, and even a sauna!

Available game consists of:  Black Bear, Canadian Moose, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Cougar, and Lynx.

Outdoors International (Mozambique) - For those seeking something a little more exclusive, this hunt is considered a unique add-on to the classic African safari adventure. Start the hunt in a 4x4 vehicle and continue tracking on foot through shallow areas and banks.  Between the size of the hippo and the speed of the crocodile, this combination is a fun yet challenging twist on the typical safari.  Although April through October is the prime season for this duo, hippo and crocodile hunting is available all year round.

Available game consists of:  Hippos, Crocodiles, Elephant, Cape Buffalo, and Leopard.

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