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Friday, October 06, 2017

Great Day For A Queenly Visit

Today, the luxurious American Queen showed up at our waterfront for a half-a-day.  It was a great day for her to visit our historic civil war town of Vicksburg, MS.   

The Yazoo Diversion Canal is very shallow but just enough space for the towboats passing through going to the Port of Vicksburg.

It was time for the American Queen to leave at 1:00 and had to back out of the canal because she did not have room to turn around.

A fisherman was getting his boat out of the water while she backed out.  A big round of applause from some of the passengers as they watched the fisherman load his boat on his trailer successfully. 

She's on her way out of the canal to the Mississippi River.  The river is very low now at 5.01 feet and a change of -0.35 foot with flood stage at 43 feet.

The American Queen will not be back to our hometown until November 8th from 8:00 to 5:00.  We look forward to her return! 

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