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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Godson's Nice 9-Point Buck!

My Godchild, John Kirk Ring harvested a nice 9-point buck in Kansas a few days ago.  Kirk is an assistant professor at Louisiana Tech University.  I'm so proud of him and now has meat on the table for his family.  He and his family live in West Monroe, Louisiana.  Congratulations on your deer in our great wild and wonderful outdoors, Kirk!  

Kirk on his way home from a Kansas hunting trip today with his mounted deer he harvested last season.  The looks he gets is priceless!  He said one woman at a gas station took a picture of him and his deer on the front seat.  While driving a lady from California passed him and noticed she hit an owl and it was stuck on the grill of her car.  He pulled alongside her trying to wave her down but she looked at him and sped up.  Maybe the deer riding shotgun in his truck made him look a little crazy, he said.   I'm sure he will be glad to get home.  He told his wife he was going to hang it in the living room and she commented with a crying emoji on Facebook. 

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