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Friday, November 17, 2017

American Queen Underway

I made it to our waterfront as the Grand American Queen was underway today but took a couple of pictures and a video of the calliope playing that I posted on my Facebook page.  

The Grand American Queen is heading south in the Yazoo Diversion Canal to the Mississippi River.  Most likely she turned around in the canal.  The AQ Captain decides how to get back to the river.  I have seen AQ back out because the canal was too low and/or go north to the Port of Vicksburg to turn around.  

I'm chasing the American Queen up the Mississippi River.  I'm at Waterview Casino's parking lot taking more pictures before she is on her way and out of sight.  

I zoomed in with my camera and got the American Queen heading up the MS River at Vicksburg, MS.

She has just passed some workers on the MS River to curb bank erosion.

Wishing the American Queen and her passenger's safe travels to all ports-of-call up the Mighty Mississippi River.  She will be back to Vicksburg next Wednesday for an all-day visit to our historic civil war town with more passengers.  Vicksburg:  The Key To The South! 

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