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Monday, November 27, 2017

The Land Hunting Camp

I was invited to hunt at a camp called, "The Land" in Edwards, MS, this past Saturday and was so excited to get back in the woods.  It has been almost a year since I have hunted and also had a knee replacement last November.   I saw a spike, mama doe, and two yearlings and three does out in the field. I shot at a doe but missed her and either I jerked it off or my .270 rifle was off.  I have not shot or seen a deer in the last two seasons and anything is possible.  Will be getting my rifle checked out before I head back to the woods.  Here are some photos I took of my first hunt of the 2017-18 deer season. 
A nice hunting cabin.

A beautiful lake for fishing.

Love this "new" deer stand called, The Pond Stand, with a staircase.  New windows will soon be installed soon the owner said.

Being dropped off by the hunter who owns the land that invited me with his wife who is also a deer hunter.

Driving to their deer stand to hunt.

He told me to watch to the left side of the stand.

A big buck was killed to the right of the stand.  

A very nice opened field planted with mustard greens that the deer have been snacking on. 

As I raised up to look down this funny looking spike was right in front of the stand.

Mama doe with two yearlings to the left showed up.

A doe comes out in the field and then there were three. 

Had a wonderful afternoon hunt and was great to get out in the wild and wonderful Mississippi outdoors.  Maybe next time I will get lucky and get meat in the freezer.

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