A Dixie Lady Deer Hunter

Friday, December 18, 2020

Paslie's 42-Point Buck

A 14-year-old girl from Cimarron, Kansas, has set a world record after harvesting a buck with 42-scorable points. Now, the teen holds the record for the largest non-typical whitetail shot by a female hunter.

Paslie Werth, shot the impressive buck back in September, only one day after the youth hunting season had begun.  She had to wait for the 60-day drying period to complete before the rack could be officially measured.

When the buck was originally shot, it was reportedly given an unofficial green score of 282-6/8 inches and showed 44 points on the antlers.

The buck was harvested on the family’s land and had first been spotted about three years ago.

She said that her sister passed on the buck and then her dad passed on it as well last year because it was pretty broken up.  This year was her year.

She commented the best part was being with her dad, and after she shot it and got out of the blind, and got to it they were so happy.  

My congratulations to Paslie for harvesting a monster 42-point buck in our great wild outdoors.  What a priceless memory she made with her Dad.  She has an awesome hunting story to tell her children and grandchildren one day.  So proud of you!

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