Monday, October 18, 2010

Buck That Killed Elaine's Truck

The deer that killed my truck (and my bank account!)

Now, this deer did about $11,000 in damage to a 40 grand truck! It just happened to be the day after deer season ended when he charged out in front of me from a pine thicket on HWY 22 near Flora, MS. He hit on my front driver side, then decided that was not enough damage, and swung around landing his antlers and body into my drivers door, then took a swipe at the passenger door too. I gave the dead deer to a guy who came along and helped me load it into my truck bed, and still able to drive it, I took the deer to his house, where he removed the antler that was left. One antler was knocked completely off at the base. I kept the antlers, and use them for rattlers. It weighed about 230 lbs. and he wanted the meat. It was a hot evening, and I was on my way to a school program, so there was no way I was going to go back home and skin that deer out on a school night.
Elaine is a friend of mine on Facebook and was kind enough to send me her story of her deer (truck) kill.  (Posted from the Senior Center)


Rogue Huntress said...

Oh no! That's too bad about Elaine's truck but I'm glad everyone was okay and that someone was able to make use of the deer.

Farmchick said...

Whew! What a mess. Glad that no one was hurt.

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