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Marian's Hunting Stories, etc., etc., etc...
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Missing The American Queen

Southbound, M/V Joseph Merrick Jones, on it's way towards the bridges while waiting for two hours for the American Queen to come by.  Normally, it would not take that long but there was a high volume of traffic on the MS River going north and south. 

Took this picture of a little sparrow sitting on a barrier while waiting for the American Queen to come by at the Riverfront Park.

Picture I took of the American Queen that backed out of the Yazoo Diversion Canal and sat there for two hours.  Picture was taken from the parking lot of the Diamond Jacks Casino.  Southbound traffic of towboats have the right-of-way.  There is a bend in the river at Vicksburg and the towboats have to navigate a wide turn to be able to continue their trip north or south. 

Photo taken by Marty Kittrell

Stacks down on the American Queen to get under the bridges.

Photo taken by Marty Kittrell

A beautiful evening picture of the American Queen going under the bridges at Vicksburg, MS on April 17, 2012.

Photo taken by Marty Kittrell

Marty took this picture of the stacks going down after it pass by Riverwalk Casino.  He was chasing down a ship also and headed back to the overlook for a sunset pix.  I also went to Riverwalk Casino parking lot in hopes of catching the American Queen and realized when I got back to the overlook by the bridges that I had missed the ship.  Marty told me he got some pictures of it and said it would be alright for me to shared them with you.  Marty is a great photographer and has a Facebook and a blog if you would like to follow him.  You will not be disappointed if you love photography. 

As the sun was setting Mark started taking pictures and so did I.  David Darby a friend of Marty was also there taking pictures of the sunset.  It was awesome to be standing next to a great photographer as Marty and taking pictures with him.  I wished now that I had taken a picture of him taking a picture! Below is another one of his pictures that he took with his very nice Canon camera as the sun was setting.  

Photo taken by Marty Kittrell

Sun setting at the bridges.

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