Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Real Hunter's Wives Decal Logo

Yesterday, I was fortunate to win the above decal logo on Facebook by Real Hunter's Wives page and I can't wait to receive it and put on our truck.  All I had to do to win was to share this logo on my Facebook page and make a comment that I had done so.  They also have a website called, and quotes that it takes a special woman to be with a hunter and to support him.  It's all the better if the woman hunts with the hunter in my case. It's also a place where hunter's wives can share hardships, laughs, recipes while their men hunters disappear into the woods.   The site has a forum you can join and a trophy room to share hunting pictures.  I was fortunate to be invited by my husband-to-be, while we were dating, to go with him on hunts and told him one day, I can do this!  I have been hunting now for 27 years and have some great memories to share on my blogs. Go and check out the Facebook/website of the above with hunting stories, what products you use, and what you want out of life.  If you do have a husband that goes to the woods and leaves you home with the children or if you go with your man to the woods, this is the place to come and enjoy the camaraderie.

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