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Monday, August 08, 2011

Checking Ratty Out

This video was taken by one of my friends, Ratty, of The Everyday Adventurer blog while he was on a hiking trail last week.  He was on the main trail in a big park and no people were in site at the time.  He said when he looked in the distance he saw something odd and realized it was two fawns looking at him.  He was able to take some pictures and they did not run off.  He took pictures as he got closer to them and then they started walking towards him. He stopped and wanted to get as many pictures as he could while one was nibbling on leaves.  Where the video starts is where he watch them and then decided he needed to get past them.  As he was moving around them the closest one got spooked and ran off and the other fawn just walked away.  The video shows you just how close he got to the deer.  Enjoy!


Ratty said...

Thanks for posting this. This was really not very unusual for me. I've developed a few techniques that help me get very close to wild animals. I've actually had adult deer try to coax me in so they could get a better look at me. Of course, these deer don't have the same sense of fear that they would have in a place where there is hunting.

Marian Love Phillips said...

You are so welcome Ratty! Anytime! It was good material and wanted to give you a shout out! You deserve it! That is cool that you have had adult deer to coax you in...that is one lucky deer for sure...no pressure...just loafing around and enjoy his own territory! A good life! :)

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