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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Sunday Morning Road Trip

My daughter, Debra, was in her van this morning headed to Vicksburg to go to church when she had a blowout on Highway 27.  She called me to come and help and I jumped in my truck and drove to where they, my granddaughter, Lucy, her friend Kelsey and her Dad, John were waiting on me.  Took them back to Learned, MS, so he get get the tools and go back, repair the tire and drive it back to their home.  They really have a very nice place and I took a picture of part of their back yard that they had cleared out that leads to a pond that wraps around the backside of the property.

Picture of an old store at the crossroads on Canada Cross Road in Hinds County.

This old store was not far from the other one and is slowly decaying with time.  I love taking picture of old buildings.  If only the old stores could talk.  They could tell some tall tales of long ago.

Lucy and Kelsey all dressed up and no where to go!  Kelsey is a cheerleader and Lucy is trying out to be one!  Good Luck Lucy!

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LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

I LOVE old buildings too...it doesn't matter if they are churches, stores, or barns. I love them all!

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