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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Flag Thief

Recently, I received an email from a good friend in Washington State about this flag thief.  He said...Thank God for the critters!  I've wasted hundreds of hours fighting with these fellows - who win simply because I gave up!  He sent me this story out of Toledo, OH, that the police have discovered that small flags were being swiped from a police memorial and squirreled away.

Two Toledo officers watched last Wednesday as a squirrel quickly snatched a flag off its wooden dowel and ran off with it.  Lt. James Brown told The Blade newspaper the bushy-tailed critter was too quick to catch.

Later, police noticed a squirrel hanging out on a tree branch outside a third-floor window at their headquarters building.  They also spotted a squirrel's nest made of leaves and branches - and at least two of the little flags.

Brown says at least three of the flags have gone missing in recent days.

He careful to point out he can't prove all were the work of the same squirrel!

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