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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Towboat Whistle

As you can tell by now I love to go to the overlook and take pictures of the towboats going up and down the river. Well, yesterday after we made some short errands, went by the overlook and there was a big tow just sitting on the south side of the bridges. Usually, I see the towboats slow up after they pass under the bridges going south but this time it was coming north and slowed down.  What he was doing was getting supplies to make the trip up north to its destination.  I decided to go down to the Riverfront Park and wait for the towboat to pass. As we walked over to a bench you could smell the river from the breeze with the warm sun beaming down on us.  Just before we sat down I thought I head a boat motor and looked over and saw this small boat going by.  It was the delivery boat.  Then I heard a loud whistle blow from the bigger boats perhaps for the children playing on the playground.  We waited for the towboats to make it's way in front of us, so I could get the names off of the boats.  Two boats were pushing this big load.  As it passed by, I waved, and he blew his whistle at me!  I was so surprised and not expecting that!  As he made his way passed us, I was able to get the name off of the back end of the bigger boat and it said, MV Jinx P. Smith, Port of Vicksburg.  Never saw a boat with Port of Vicksburg on it before and found out that it was named after a deceased riverboat pilot from Vicksburg. (see link under towboat picture)  It was an exciting and unexpected experience for sure.  We left after the towboats finally made their way around the bend in the river heading north.

The supply boat.

Pushing a very long empty barge containers.


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