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Thursday, November 08, 2018

Great Grandson Ian's Birthday Party Pix

My Great Grandson Ian had a wonderful 11th Birthday party last Sunday, November 4th at the Margaritaville Hotel & Family Entertainment Center.  Here are some pictures I took of his "special" day.  Family and friends all had a wonderful time!  

Margaritaville Hotel
Family Entertainment Center
Vicksburg, MS.

Ian standing in front of a big flip-flop shoe.

Never seen so many arcade games under one roof.  

Nice set-up.

Ian's Happy Birthday cake with...

...camouflage icing on the side of the cake.

My Granddaughter Lucy with her son, William David "Will" my precious Great Grandson.

The guests have arrived.

Ian, The Birthday Boy!

Floss Like A Boss!

Ian, blowing out his candles!

My Great Grandson, William "Will" David Kelly.  

My daughter, Kathy holding little Will.

Holding my Great Grandson William David.

Looking towards the sunset from the Landshark patio.  

Image may contain: 3 people, including Marian Ann Love, people smiling, people standing
Enjoying my Granddaughter's Victoria Leigh, myself and Sonya Michelle.

Will is trying to play a game.

Lucy looking over her son as he tries to play.

Will starting to walk more now. 

Look at Will go!

Birthday Boy playing a game.

A selfie with my Great Grandson Ian!

Got some new PJ's from his Great Gran Gran!

A hunting knife from his Grandmother Kathy.

I enjoyed my Great Grandson Ian's Birthday Party!  I love him so much and may he have many more returns of his "special" day!  Great Gran Gran   xoxo

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