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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Buck Harvested In Panther Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Darien Ladner of Pass Christian harvested this 170-inch buck on Sunday, December 6, 2020, at Panther Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.  The buck was a mainframe 10-point with a split G3 on the left side,.  It had a 20-inch inside spread with 24-inch main beams and gross-scored 170.  However, Ladner said what was most impressive was the mass.  It had 5-1/2 inch bases and carried between 5 inches and 4-1/2 inches of mass all the way out.  

He was sitting in his stand when he heard him coming at 25 yards away through a thicket.  He shot but was said he almost vomited because he did not know if someone would come and steal his buck and take it off while he went for help. As you can see, he got his monster buck and the rest is history.  

A friend of Darien's said that he is also a Captain working for Shore Thing Charters and that he was not only an unbelievable great father, husband,  guide, and friend, but one heck of a deer hunter.  

My congratulations to Darien on getting a monster of a lifetime in our great Mississippi outdoors!  Well deserved!

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Adam said...

Awesome buck! Congratulations!

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