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Friday, December 08, 2017

A Sunday Morning Hunt

Hunting the Sneaky Stand was my last hunt for the day.  I had a deer to come to the right and crossed the road behind me in a hurry around 6:30. About 7:00 had one to blow and stomp trying to make me move or leave. 7:45 a doe came out and just stood and looked at me for a minute and about the time I was able to get my .270 up to check she turned and stepped back in the woods from the field and only had a back-end shot and gone. 15 mins. later at the very end corner, a deer came out and was gone in 4 seconds and may have been the same doe. 

Sitting in a ground blind under the Sneaky Stand.

The main road was directly behind me.

Walking the field to the road where a deer had crossed the road earlier and could not see it but heard it.

I turned around and took this picture before I left to meet Rex on the road heading back to camp.

The road back to the camp.

The road to the opened field, lake and hunting grounds.

Our last campfire after the hunt.

This picture was taken last Sunday right before camp broke at noon celebrating a great weekend of hunting together starting Friday afternoon.  We all had a blast and was great to get back into the woods and being one with nature again.  We all saw deer but no deer were taken but all's right with the world.  My hunting buddies left to right are Terry Cutrer, Paul Howell, Trent Howell, Spencer Howell, myself, Rex Howell and Tim Crosby.

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