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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Enjoying My Grandchildren @ Christmas Time

I'm so Blessed to have 6 granddaughters, 3 grandsons, and 3 great-grandsons.  Most of us got together yesterday for a family Christmas Party and had a very good time at the clubhouse.  Back row is Sonya, and Candace and Victoria are sisters. Front row is Kate and her big sister, Emma.  Kate and Emma are visiting from Virginia.  Stephen was not in this picture.  Missing is Carl who lives in WI, Ethan who is in the U. S. Airforce stationed in Africa and Great Grandson Tidus David in MT. 

Grandson Stephen 

Merry Christmas to Carl in WI!

Merry Christmas to Michael "Ethan" stationed in Africa.

Merry Christmas to my Great Grandson Tidus David in Montana!

A sofa full of grandchildren and a great-grandson William David "Will" born this September.  On the couch, Emma, Candace, Lucy holding Kate, Sonya, Victoria holding William David "Will".  Lucy is Will's Mother.  

Great Grandson William David "Will" Kelly

Ian my Great Grandson!

Kate and I playing with Snapchat!

Last night Emma and I had a lot of fun with Snapchat!

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