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Thursday, February 01, 2018

A Saturday Afternoon Hunt

On my Saturday afternoon hunt, my hunting friend, Rex Howell and I went to the Taj Mahal Deer Stand.  I have hunted out of this stand numerous times.  With my binoculars, I saw three deer come from the woods to the far right and make their way to the cotton fields around 3:00.  This was about 200 yards away.

Looking out the window where the deer made their way to the cotton fields around 3:00.  

Before we got started hunting Rex had to go and hide the Bad Boy Buggy in the woods.  Here is walking back down the road to the stand for us to hunt.  

Looking through the window in the distance is the Levee Stand facing the cotton fields.  We counted up to 16 deer at 200 yards left and right of the stand.  No deer came close for me to take a shot but we enjoyed the hunt seeing the deer.

Looking out towards the cotton fields from the Tah Mahal Stand.  I was told that the deer eat the green grass between the harvested rows of cotton.

This is a picture of the Taj Mahal that I took back in 2011.

The last campfire of the 2017-18 deer season.

A neighbor friend, Dorothy came by and joined us for a Saturday night meal of fried fish, baked potatoes, and slaw.  Dorothy brought a delicious blueberry cake for us to enjoy since it was my birthday.

To be continued...

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