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Monday, February 19, 2018

A Watery Grave

Cathy Episcopo Cameron of Stone County, MS said she finally found her 8-point-buck that she shot three weeks ago.  It was also her very first buck!  I'm so glad she found him because it's tough to shoot a good buck and lose him.  You need to always check a creek bed, pond, swamp or river when you shoot one you cannot find.  I shot a deer one time near the Big Black River and you could tell by the tracks that it went into the water.  It's very disappointing.  Congratulations to Cathy in our great wild and wonderful Mississippi outdoors. 

Note from Cathy:  Just to clarify to everyone, this picture is not where he was found lol. He wasn’t found in the water. He was found in a field. My hubby was just rinsing the horns off in the creek when this pic was taken. If you look closely, you will notice there isn’t a body in this pic. We know they usually head for water and we looked beforehand 😁 Thank you all for the congrats though! Even though it took us a while to recover him, it’s still exciting!!

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