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Friday, February 09, 2018

Kareen's Hog #139

My Facebook friend, Kareen Beinhauer of Alpine, TX is starting the year off killing hog #3 of #139.  Below is the story of her hog kill last night. 

I was out by 6:32. I was going to put my corn out earlier but the horses were there so I waited until I went out later. They were still there so I went up the hill in the horse trap and whistled them up there and put out some deer feed and hoped they would stay up top. I got my corn put out and settled in. Of course, the deer and javelinas were there. Finally, there was one javelina left and I could see a deer moving around. All of a sudden they ran off and there he was. That hog that was on the game camera! My pulse went through the roof because I was excited to see a hog. I ever so slowly put my earplugs in and quietly took the safety off. I wasn't sure if I could hit him because he was not triggering the lights all that well. But when the light came back on, I took my shot which I also wondered if I should do since he was facing me. Dropped him like a bad habit and I watched him make sure he would not be getting up but he was done. He was a little bigger than I thought so I was super happy! I am also dedicating him to John Neill, Roy's brother-in-law because he always gets such a kick out of my silly hunting stories. More pics below of #139!

Congratulations to my Facebook friend!  Proud of you, Kareen!

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