Marian's Hunting Stories, etc., etc., etc...

Marian's Hunting Stories, etc., etc., etc...
Stories of my hunting experiences with family, friends or whatever else I want to blog about.

A Dixie Lady Deer Hunter

Article by Fred Messina, editor of "On Target Outdoors" from The Vicksburg Evening Post on Friday, January 19, 1990. Photo by Bob Phillips.

Bob Phillips came up the other day with a photo of his wife Marian and a deer she got on Brown's Point New Years Eve. The deer was an 8-point with 16 inches of inside spread that weighed in at 190 pounds. A nice trophy in anyone's book. However, the tale Bob told is that this was Marian's fourth deer this year and he claimed that he would have done better than he did if he had not spent so much time hauling Marian's deer out of the woods. Come off it, Bob. We all know who the hunter was.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hunting @ The Horse Farm

Yesterday afternoon I went down to my granddaughter's family horse farm to hunt.  Took a few pictures before I walked to my stand of the horses in the field.  Got on my stand around 2:00 and I did not see a deer but enjoyed being in the woods and being still.  The weather was very warm at 79 degrees with a nice breeze blowing.  It wasn't your typical weather to hunt.  Of course, the mosquitoes were bad.  I did have some Off to spray on me and that helped.  Heard some shots fired in the distance.  Bob did not see a deer either but enjoyed being in the woods as well.  I love taking pictures of where I hunt so I can go back and relive the moment.  Unfortunately, I know one day my hunting days will be over with and blogging is a good way to document it.  

Jamie, my granddaughter's husband was going to put my camo around my stand for me.  I guess being busy working with his Dad running a business and a 4 year old to raise, takes most of his time.  

To the right!

In front of me!

...and to the left.

My LaCrosse boots are made for hunting!

Now you see me!

Now you don't!  Looks like I need to tack up my camo face mask on one side!  It's almost like a dry run on your first hunt to see what you need to do or what you forgot to bring.  Of course, I will not wear this particular one if the weather is colder. It's a good one to pack for warmer days though.  

Looking behind me where I walked to my stand.   Maybe next time!


LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

Good luck hunting! Yea, ummm....your mask may need a little fixing up ;)

Lindsjö taxar said...

How nice to see your pictures of your hunt. Hope you get better luck next time and we can see your pictures with your buck.

Marian Love Phillips said...

Thanks LB @ Bullets And Biscuits! I made the mistake of washing it and another hat with face mask in machine and it almost fell apart. Just need a little tacking up! :)

DeanO said...

Ms. Marian - I enjoyed this post. I love the picture with you and the camo face cover. excellent! happy hunting and boy-howdy, unseasonably warm indeed

Marian Love Phillips said...

Lindsjo taxar - Thanks for the compliment on the pix. I enjoy taking pix of my hunts and enjoy seeing where other people hunt also. I hope I get better luck next time also and either get me a doe or a buck...I'm not picky.

DeanO - Glad you liked my post and pix...I used to paint my face but got away from that years ago. Yes, it is warm...too warm. Usually means bad weather like tornado's Had one here back in 1953 when I was 13 years old and never forgot the terrible sound. My Mother was in it downtown and thank God she survived. Killed 30 something people. With the way the weather has been lately it could snow tomorrow! :)

DeanO said...

Well - if it were to get cold and even snow...much better for the hunt. My wife made the same bad weather Tornado comment! I hope not

Marian Love Phillips said...

I have hog hunted in the snow in the Delta last year and was pretty neat.

The bad weather is all coming in tomorrow afternoon with winds and tornado threats already predicted. I hope not either DeanO! Makes me very nervous tho! :)

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