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Friday, November 18, 2011

Emily's First Deer

Last Saturday, Emily, of Scent Free Lip Gloss Blog, bagged her first deer after six years of hunting with a bow.  She started hunting with her husband after they got married and have been hunting together ever since.  It reminds me of my husband and I hunting together nearly 27 years now. She was with her husband when she got her deer and I know the thrill of it all!  It's awesome to share a sport together that you both really enjoy. I want to congratulate her on her first deer and I'm so proud of her.  Go over and read all about her exciting hunting story of how she got her first deer in our great wild outdoors!


Lindsjö taxar said...

I´ve been bye her blog. Blogs letting people with same interest come togehter. How exciting! Hugs from Sweden to you!!

Marian Love Phillips said...

At one time we had our own blog for hunters called, Outdoor Bloggers Summit, which supported all hunters that blogged who joined. The lady that was posting for us developed some health issues and the blog has laid for about two years with no posting. It has recently been taken over by one of the founding members and hopefully soon he (Kevin Paulson) will have it up and running again. The logo is posted on my Blog below my clock. Click on it and will take you to our blog and feel free to put the logo on your site which is located on the right side.

Yes, it is exciting to share and be happy for someone experiencing what we have in the great outdoors. Hugs to you as well from the USA! :)

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