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Friday, April 26, 2013

A Quaint Small Town

These are some pictures I took at the MS Agriculture and Forestry Museum in Jackson, MS, last Saturday before my daughter's wedding.  It was a very quaint small town there and enjoyed walking around taking pictures of bygone years.   

A General Store.

A Doctor's Office.

A Filling Station.

McIntosh Blacksmith Shop.

Jaber's Gas Station.

An antique Dodge.

Old Post Office and Gas Station.

Inside the Masonic Lodge Building.

TBZH Print Shop.

Looking down the main street of town.

Motor Oil wagon?

Masonic Lodge Symbol on Masonic Building.

School House

Comfort Station

Epiphany Episcopal Church (Chapel) where my daughter got married last Saturday.

Side entrance to the Epiphany Episcopal Church (Chapel).  

Children's Barnyard

Billy goats.

Very nice horse.

Pretty Bunny


Veterinary Infirmary

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