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Monday, April 08, 2013

What Is That Coming Around The Bend?

Last Saturday, on my way back home, I decided to run by the Louisiana Circle where I love to take pictures of the towboats coming around the bend and saw a lot of people looking out over the river.  When I looked back I could see what they were trying to figure out that was coming around the bend.  I thought at first it was the American Queen but on closer look, it was some type of building being pulled, pushed and escorting by 3 tugboats.  It was an amazing site to see!  

Passing by Diamond Jacks Casino and the Vicksburg Riverfront Park.

Here comes a house?  What is it?

It was the Bayou Caddy's Jubilee Casino being transported downstream to an unknown destination.

In front pulling of this enormous three story building was tugboat, Judy Ann. Along side escorting was tugboat, Helen.  Sidney V. was pushing from behind.  As they passed by they blew their horns as if to wave at us.

Getting ready to head up under the two bridges at Vicksburg, MS.

Closer view as they make their way under the bridges. 

I did find out that this particular casino had filed bankruptcy and was from Greenville, MS, which is a town on the MS River about 85 miles due north on HWY 61 from Vicksburg.  Not sure what her fate will be now but maybe it will be a "new" home on the Mississippi River.

There she goes while a little supply boat is trying to catch up to deliver supplies.

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