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Thursday, January 03, 2019

Mollie's First Buck!

Mollie Calhoun of Seminary, Mississippi got her very first buck on New Year's Day.  She just started hunting at the age of 39, she said.  She killed her first doe in 2015 and hunted HARD for 4 years to be able to kill her first buck.  Her prayers were answered and did it!  Excited is a complete understatement, she said.  He is WAY BIGGER than she would have thought her first buck would be.  He is only her second deer to ever kill and thanked the Lord for bringing this deer her way. 

I can relate in not starting to hunt until I was 43 years old and my first deer was a 6-point buck as if it was a 25 pointer.  I'm so happy for Mollie in our great Mississippi outdoors.   My Congratulations!  Persistence pays off, in the long run, is so true!

Mollie with her husband, Josh! I'm sure he is proud of her!

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