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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Proud Dad With Son's First Rack 10-point Buck!

Deon Inman, (cowboy protection specialist at a rodeo) from Carriere, Mississippi, said that today is a day he will never forget!  His 11-year-old son was jumping up and down to go hunting this morning.  He told him that they would sit until 7:30 because he had a bunch to do today and at 7:20 all the excitement happened.  While he was videoing a buck chasing does his son waited on a good quick shot and got a 10-point! 

He is so proud of his son holding his composure and said he had a "little" buck fever and between both of them, the tree was shaking. He smoked him with his 7mm08.    

I love seeing kids hunting in the great Mississippi outdoors and he's raising him right.  My congratulations to his son and thanks to Dad!  

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