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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Preparing For A Flood In Our Hometown

The Levee Street floodwall is expected to be up by this weekend.  The crews are working on the pipe, another crew began setting out the materials to install the Levee Street floodwall in anticipation of the forecast 50.5-foot crest at Vicksburg March 27.  The river was at 45.09 feet yesterday; flood stage is 43 feet.  

Getting ready to put up a retaining wall to keep the flood waters from ruining the Vicksburg Riverfront Murals. 

Today the Levee Street road/truck route is closed.

City workers connect a section of flexible pipe to a portable pump at the Clay Street floodgate yesterday to help recycle floodwaters back into the river.  The pump is taking the place of two other city pumps that are not working properly.  

This is the picture I took last Friday when the American Queen was moored behind The Old Depot Museum.  I'm wondering where she will dock with the flood waters getting higher and the AquaDam will be put in place.   It is a bladder-like system that is filled with water and acts like a dam to block water, to protect the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad Depot.  It's better to be prepared than not do anything at all.

We don't want this to happen (2011 Flood).

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