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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Riverboat "America" Returns In Floodwaters

Yesterday, a couple sits and relaxes before the new benches go underwater.  The Yazoo Diversion Canal is rising from the flood waters of the Mighty Mississippi River.  Riverboat "America" showed up for a full day of passengers touring our historic city.

A close-up where you can see how near the water is at the base of the concrete pad.

The riverboat "America" moored behind The Old Depot Museum all day yesterday for the passengers to tour our historic civil war town of Vicksburg, MS.

The floodwaters are at the base of the floodwall near the Vicksburg Riverfront Murals.  

Behind me is the Mississippi Lower Mississippi River Museum with the M/V Mississippi IV that is dry docked here in Vicksburg.  It will not be going anywhere!

The picture was taken yesterday from Washington Street of "America" docked behind The Old Depot Museum. Today, the American Queen is moored for a full day of touring with her passengers and Friday, American Duchess will be here as well.  You have to LOVE all the riverboats coming to our river city!   

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